Curling Down Newer Growth

Good evening everyone, my babies have pretty much been on cruise control for the last 27 days. ( they are 27 days since popping out of soil).
Today I watered and noticed the leaves were curling down and felt dry. This hasn’t been going on long and the only real change lately was my light was moved closer, Im guessing I was pushing the DLI a little much a little close. I backed the light off a few inches and turned it back down.
The soil is happy frog and they’ve just been getting water PHd at 6.5 and ppm on runoff was 800-1000 today. ( they are 3 or 4 gallon pots and use about 1.5liter every 4 or 5 days).
Just getting some opinions if you think just light issue or something else. Temps have been solid 75-80 during day usually 77-79 and overnight during 4 hours of dark it goes to 67-69.
Posted photo from yesterday to today so you can see difference. I did re train it a little today.

Last weeks temps and humidity. ( the humidity is off on probe its actually higher) the 86 was only for a minute when first setting it up the plants weren’t in it. 83 is tops it hit.

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Hey there thats weird ur temp and RH is fine what setting is ur light on and how far from the top of the plants is ur light. I just had a look at ur pics again it looks like u have a different variation in one of your plants its not a bad thing so dont freak out it just means ur plants leaves grow in a different way to a normal plant thats my opinion but see what other members have to say about it

I’m using an HLG 550v2 Rspec and wattage wise it’s at 280. DLI was 45 and PPDF was 550ish. I had moved from 30in away recently to 22ish which was probably a little close. I moved my grow room a few days ago and had to setup everything again and figured move my light down.


See i have my light set at 50-60% for veg im not sure how high it is above the canopy as i dont measure it i just move it where i think it looks right ,but for you i think having ur light at the height of 24-30 inches should set it at a good height and ur light if it is dimmable i would set it around 50-60%


Thanks and yea that’s about where I have it at now height and settings. Hoping she bounces back in the morning. My babies have been doing great and growing like mad women so I’m hoping I didn’t hurt it lol

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I think they will be ok

The bounced back up this morning. I’ll post a Pic when I go back down to check on them. I gave them an extra hour of dark last night to relax lol

Very nice im glad they bounced back