Curling and browning leaves during flowering

A question from a fellow grower:

If you can see the top leaves on the tall plant they are starting to curl at the tip and go brown…
What is the cause of this?

I give them 600ml of nutrients 4 days a week… they’re almost into the 5th week of flowering I use a ec of 1

Sounds like a nute build up in the soil. Imo

Take affected leaves off and and flush’s pant’s for 2 days or so - then add reduced nutrients by 1/2 of what you are using and feed 3 x’s a week (less is best ) everything will be just find - remember some bottom leaves trying yellow is common, because leave as depleated it nutrient up-take your plant good !!

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I would transplant her , she can be root bound in that small pot is what can be causing problems , but you need to flush her but I’ll transplant it into a 3 gallon pot at least .


I agree with yoshi. Roots will be bound up in there. Bigger pot and a good flush. And i would take off the real dead looking leaves. There not coming back. But good growth will.

I’m not sure guys she looks hungry to me but then again I’m no expert… Lol… I’m a True Believer in all around consensus… What’s the pH? Answer that and then maybe feed…

I know there are those that love fabric pots and I do as well , at the same time I have issues with them , will post later but either way will give shots of self-made Arrow pots meaning you can grow big plants in super small pots I’m able to grow 2 foot tall plants almost 3 foot tall in a Solo Cup simply due to aeroponics in the way the roots are dried out are you interested…

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I’d love to see a thread on that @peachfuzz! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

OK @ktreez420 here u go buddy

Not hijacking This Thread but just a quick description but either way you see the holes and the way that they’re in the pot with the Solo Cup I tried to give you the best shot I could but the reason for those holes there’s a couple of reasons 1 if you notice where my finger is in the picture and I’m pointing think of my finger as the roots and that’s the direction that they go in and try and circle the pot so the reason that those holes are in an angle like that is so that my roots have no choice but to try and grow and wrap around and go through that air pocket which they don’t the root tips die off starts new roots and then you end up with massive root balls where you can grow really big plants in small pots now i magine if you lived on the other side of the Equator like in Australia you would want the holes to run the opposite direction the other reason for not just putting them straight up and down the is because when you go to water then your water will run right out the sides of those holes if they’re all in line straight up and down so that’s the second reason for having those holes at a slant but other than that if you’ve never tried air pruning your roots I suggest you try it because you can grow really healthy plants that way because the roots never Circle the pot they just get air pruned, your roots grow really long and wrap the pot they actually choke the plant out because believe it or not your plants eat from the root tips not from the roots themselves so it does you no good to have roots that are 20 feet long you want a crapload of roots with root tips and the reason I don’t like the fabric pots is just because they’re hard to clean your roots grow into him almost impossible to get them out if you try to throw them in your washer machine you’ll end up breaking the washing machine and the old lady will end up killing you and if you take them to a laundromat to wash them people might look at you funny and it might raise questions so that’s why I don’t like them this is basically the same thing but with a hard-pot which will last me years and years hope that makes sense…



The pots are 14 litre that’s more than 3 gallons.