Curious to know

Hi all
a friend asked me over to look at a couple of his plants that were growing strange.
I had never seen it before, the leaves looked all wrinkly and a bit deformed. (new growth)
he has 8 plants and 2 have starting doing this. he says his system his running fine and levels were where they should be, the other 6 were doing fine.
I took a couple of pics…Just curious to see if anybody has seen or experienced anything like this.

strange (1)strange (2)strange (3)


How close are the lights
Yeah had a similar issue a few grow back where I got them too close and I caused that type of curling
I’m assuming your friend is in a hydro system since you mentioned his system is where it should be.
I’ll tag @Donaldj he’s my go to guy for hydro Questions


Hey thanks for the input…
Yeah he has a bubbler system. I recon the lights would’ve been 20 inches or so from the plants. Just seems strange that its only the 3 … i believe they’re super silver haze . Cheers

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Ok should be fine there is think
Hopefully Donald se the tag and can square you up I’m a soil guy myself @fullnoize
I was using leds when I had a issue and had them 10 inches away from canopy??

Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971. I was curious, i haven’t seen it before. I am familiar with the leaves curling from the light but this looked different to what I’ve seen. hopefully your guy may know something… :+1:

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@Donaldj is a mentor here on the forum he’ll have a answer for you in sure
He grows in both mediums
He works and lives I believe on the west coast of Canada so give him a little time to see the tag

Almost looks like TMV to me but hard to tell

but would need support ticket filled out to look at other potential causes a system where it should be doesn’t tell me ph ppm nutrients used/additives level of water temps and RH :wink: need a broader picture and details no huge rush I will be leaving for work soon


Thanks donald.
After further investigation i recon you nailed it.
I had never seen it before. I contacted my mate and told him. He wasn’t happy. …

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just an update … he let them go to see what would happen. They did grow a bit strangely, but they’re chucking out some very nice buds.

Just a couple of days short of 5 weeks in flower.