Curious stretch, is this normal?

I have 4 ladies going under the same light, but this one seems more stretched with a lot more space between nodes. Is this normal? If so, why do the others look so different? Also I am 15 days from breaking the soil and was wondering when I should start LST.

Also here is one of the others, almost as tall but has a lot more going on. Why does the other look so bare?

Seeds of the same strain can look totally different. There just like ones brothers and sisters. They may be from the same momma, but boy can they be different… lol
Good job! Keep them growing!

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Cool, thank you. What about LST it’s only day 15 from soil break. Should I wait another few days?

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I think on the taller one you can, you would just need to be careful with her because she’s still a little fragile.

Ok, I just didn’t want to wait too long to do it. but if I can wait a few days I think I shall.
Thank you!

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