Curious on Bud size?

Was just curious everything seems correct but was just wondering why the buds directly under the light were smaller than the ones at the very sides of the tent

RDWC system 4 five gallon grow bkts

5 gallon reservoir

2 single dwc buckets

1/10 hp water chiller




950 gph air pump

2”x4” air stone in each bucket

12” oscillating fan

1200w king plus led 24” from canopy

2-HLG Quantum 288 boards

6” 400 cfm exhaust fan and filter

General hydroponics maxi series

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Who knows? They look fine and at that distance you shouldn’t have any serious light bleaching issues. The 288’s can certainly come down closer if the plants tell you they like it too. I think I’m at 12" on my panels now. (turned down though)

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Can’t lower I had a few branches stretch pretty good to the top of the light. I’ve had to gently basically do LST on those branches that stretched so they get light

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EVERY seed is a roll of the genetic dice. Most will be the same, however, some will be different.
Even the best seeds are a going to show differences.

Pretty much, keep the Ladies happy and they will reward your TLC most generously.

You’ve got a long way to go. I wouldn’t get overly concerned at this point.


Give then some time, they’ll fatten up.

they look fine :stuck_out_tongue: don’t stress it, they’ll fatten up with time.