Curious is new better?

Just ordered my first seeds from I❤️GM. I got the Auto Flower mix, Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue, and Girl Scout.
Used my CC for the purchase took me thru this Mesh security. Totally new experience would have know that even existed. Impressive.
My only security issue until then was to keep the wife from knowing about all of this. She never goes in the basement so that hasn’t been a concern. Besides you can’t tell her nothing. Tell a woman, tell the world.

Get two grows with the Auto Flowers get some Feminized seeds. That’s the plan. Been retired for 4 months.
Honestly I have heard over the past decade how much more Potent weed is today. My experience in last months is it’s very good. Better ? I am not sure. That doesn’t seem possible with all the advances in all of technology. It’s been 40 years so my tolerance has to be low. I take 2-3 hits in morning cut the edge good till 4 pm. Another 2-3 hits around 7 or 8 to chill for the evening. 3 or 4 times a week I’ll smoke significantly more.
Was paying $80 a quarter ounce 40’years ago getting Red bud, various strains of Central American gold, rare occasions sinsemilla. I did buy several dime bags starting early last year.
So the first stuff I got no clue what it was. Cautiously I took my first hits. Got another connection quality a tad better but inconsistent quality. On my third supplier. Didn’t know he sold he approached me. I get his premium $200 haven’t weigh any looks like 1/2 oz. 2 hits I am good. Same method of smoking 1 hitter use a SilverStick no filter. Same method different brand device. I gave a bud to my neighbor who smokes way more than I. Asked her to let me know
if this is good or not. Wanted honest review I wasn’t sure if it is better or not. She says 3 hits she is smiling eyes red. She says its real good.
Honestly I was expecting a lot more punch than what we smoked 40 years ago. About a week before I retired I have a joint to a friend. 15 years since he had weed. He had the same opinion.
With all the advances in technology seems impossible the weed isn’t better. However, the music isn’t better today. Growing up in the 60’s and 70s the music was the best. American Rock, British Invasion, last but not least Motown.
Was the weed as good? As advised , I got to get some sunshine so I don’t have a cloudy day in the tent coming Monday.

Just curious

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I remember those days.


I guess it depends on the woman :woman: lol


If I get a good grow I was thinking about mixing all 3 strains and naming it after her.
I was thinking of calling it Dragon Queen.

She is a good Girl. Anybody washes my dirty underwear ain’t to bad in my book. I don’t touch them. I pick the up with a broom stick and put in the hamper.
:thinking:thinking about putting a charcoal filter thru the hamper or take some dirty underwear in the basement. Increase the budget for lighting.

Welcome and good luck on this journey!!

I completed my last grow and harvested in July. Planted in April. The only problems I had with my first grow of Granddaddy Purple was my own inexperience as a grower, but everyone here helped incredibly.

On like day 32 today of the new batch which is coming along fantastic and like you I’ve planted one of each from that super pack. I can’t wait

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Weed isn’t any better today. It’s always been up to environmental factors and potential phenos to produce the highest quality of buds. We do have strains today that can potentially be almost double in THC today as strains back then. Except that’s also rare since those strains numbers are based off a phenotype. Meaning it can only be guranteed with a clone. To get two seeds to produce the exact same phenotype is about like having twins a year apart. Then even with that clone. You have to grow it the same way too. Same humidity/temp/light. Otherwise your terpenes are gonna be different. Even if ever so slightly. Then the thing I miss most. But is still around, just not popularized as much. Almost all the old strains where 1:1 or 2:1 thc:CBD. These high thc strains don’t have the CBD. Which is what gave us that relaxing body high on top of the red eyes.


Yeah man weed is still weed but some people grow it better than others.

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I really do prefer the thc:cbd strains, though. Just feels more natural. Since generally naturally it would have both. And I have anxiety. So. Definitely better for that than pure THC strains.

When I say I’ve smoked for 20 years I mean I’ve used it as medicine for 20 years. I don’t do prescription drugs.


Amen. The GDP I just harvested I’m super happy with. It’s strong but it definitely doesn’t cause me anxiety and is relaxing, especially helping my pain levels since I broke my back


I medicate my back and my brain. Different strains for different stuff.

Also sometimes just wanna get thigh af.

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Maybe it’s just age. But I swear I haven’t been as high in the past 5 years as I used to get. Suppose that’s just the way she goes. Ive been more head high. Like just stupid. Yes. But not like the… Man… probably just the vibe. Age man. Getting old sucks

My bad. Been smoking my hash. I’m pretty high. Lol.

But the point. My back still hurts. Despite how high I am. Just kind of forget about it. CBD actually works more similarly to a pain reliever. So when you combine the two…

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My wife uses the phrase shoot shovel and shut up. Hates gossipy people and will shut it down as it starts. So there are exceptions. Still a secret is only a secret until the second person knows it. Then it’s not a secret anymore


That’s the problem with buying from the streets half of them are growing legacy clones 10s of years old, and go in for quantity rather then quality. Good genetics grown under high end lights with good nutrients produce wonderful buds some even have extra wow factor like this purple lemonade auto

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That’s is some pretty stuff. I don’t know if I would smoke that are just look at it.
I am getting that light for $280 you recommended BTY. Thanks for that.

Just a curious why do you have Black nitrile gloves on? Then it’s an auto flower? At my current knowledge level I am like ? why would someone with experience grow it ? (That is a nice bud no doubt).

Sorry, I ask so much stuff. The devil is in the details. All about the details.

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You have 1 friend who you can confide in? If so you are a wealthy man.
You got a smart wife.


Purely because getting resin off your fingers after trimming sucks and they were lying around and yes it was an auto pretty Lil thing smells of grape juice mixed with lemonade,


I have been told my marijuana is the best they have ever smoked. Smoke 1 gram and I may get relief for 15 min. Smoke a 1 gram dab and may get up to 30 mins. But this is long enough for it to react with all my pills.

My buddy smoked about a 1/4 gram of my hash and he was lit up over 2 hours.

I ate 7 bags of thc gummies and 1 lb of double chocolate chip cookies with a lot of thc and I still only got about 8 hours of rest. Waste of money but they was tasty.

I only smoke for medication. As the VA Hospital refuses ALL pain medications after the last Oxy prescription didn’t work on me.

If I didn’t live in Texas, I could get a Medical Marijuana card in seconds. But Texas is Draconian laws when it deals with marijuana.

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I’ll be your buddy for a hit of hash. Remember it been on a pin inside a glass dome and inhale.