Curious about yield?

I would just checkout some of the setups here


When looking at a new light look at the actual wall draw instead of the 2000w or 1800w from what I’m understanding any way. I just ordered another cheap one to add to my 2x2 I have a 1800 w actual draw200w and I’m adding another 1800w but actual draw on that one is supposed to be 465w said it can flower a 4x4 so just hoping it works out!

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Its covering the whole 4x4 with 1 light that’s hard.
When you drop the light close enough to the top of the plants for good PAR the lights footprint will be very small

Yea, I had my light dropped down in the beginning, raised as they grew… I have no idea how to build lights, isn’t that what the quantum thing is about?

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That makes more sense lol… but does that help with the penetration? They’re still LEDs… Higher watts = more penn?

Building your own is easy if you spend a bit of time reading the diy lighting thread and ask a few questions before you realize you have the knowledge and skill to do it you will already have a light built that will outperform any “cheap” light on Amazon or ebay


I think your yield will depend on how selective you are when trimming. Probably 2/3 of your big plant and as much or more of your small plant will likely be underdeveloped. You can certainly keep this stuff and count its weight, but it probably won’t have potency of the stuff off top of your big plant.

I believe more light would help in the future, but you also could probably do better if your canopy was managed a little better.


Mine or 18" over the top of my plants and in a 2x2 shouldn’t have a problem with light

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I know. I just read that for first timers just let it go and see what you’re doing, how it grows, make mistakes etc and the next one start working on what you didn’t nail the first time and keep improving.

DIY Lighting just seems so hard :see_no_evil:


It’s not for most. I would say its definitely seems more intimidating than it is. Here is single qb assembly video.

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Im missing a row of led’s , oh well

on the left side of light missing 1/2 row

Which light?

What size do you grow in? And does SOG allow you to have more plants?

I love this pic, look at the colors

I haven’t turned it off to try and see whats up. $47 loss, no big. maybe I can fix it
That rows is over the heatsink, shouldn’t have got hot

I grow two plants in a 4x8


Beautiful grow


Dropped a whole string, there’s probably an led that’s toast within the string.

Did you get these from hlg?

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Wow looking at yours, I feel like such a noob. I have much to learn. So in my 3x3 I should only SOG one plant or would I be able to get away with two? I am soon to order a quantum setup but I’m still debating on moving to a 4x4 or not. My ideal yield is a lb per grow.

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Na got them from the lost package store. I’ve got over $45 of enjoyment already just from building it, not really worth the hassle to try and get a refund
Went there yesterday and on top of the stack of gavita e series there’s was a viparspectra 900w now, I think for around $100
Its just a matter of time till I find a stack of quantum boards there

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1 lb per grow is 2 plants under QB ~450W setup, or 1 plant as @boardsbird grows

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