Curious about trichomes appearance

First time growing Gelato strain. Started from seed at end of March; growing in 10 gal containers, full sun most of day. They appear to be getting ready for harvest but I’ve noticed something peculiar; at least, it’s not anything I’ve noticed before. (?) The trichomes look like tall skinny mushrooms in appearance. The heads are starting to get milky; however, the stalks on most are turning a dark amber. Anyone??

Pictures if you can. They speak volumes. :wink::+1:


Are you looking at trichomes on the bud itself or on the leaves?
EDIT triches on the leaves mature faster than those on the bud. If the heads are getting milky on the bud trikes it’s about ready as @Oldguy said pics help :v:




Hi, many thanks, I use the same chart for reference; and, looking at bud (not leaves).

OK, if looking at the ‘Cloudy on the chart’…the triches have clear to milky heads and about 50/50 at the moment have dark amber stalks. Also noticed leggy amber stalks, no head.

I wish I could, but can’t get pics that detailed.

How close is your light? I’ve had light intensity melt triche heads off and Amber them faster.

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I’m growings outdoors; but I think I have solved my question. I’ve been searching online for ages and I finally found one pic, out of several dozens, that shows clear heads/amber stalks. It just seemed unusual to me.

Many thanks


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That’s a crazy looking pic. I’ve never seen the core turn that color.


That’s not my pic, I found it online. Anyway, that’s what my triches look like. I don’t know what the core is that you are referring to.

I figured it wasn’t yours because Ed Rosenthal. Lol. I’m talking about the core of the stem on the triche. See how it’s red but it looks like there is a clear skin around it? That’s cool looking.

Of course I don’t have a loupe that zooms that close.

I wish I could take pics like that.

Ran, thank you so much. I appreciate your taking the time to hear me out. This is my favourite site for info. I’m growing in south central Ontario Canada and bought seeds from ILGM for several years but they don’t ship to Canada any longer which I think has something to do with us going legal. I’m growing Gelato on the deck off my kitchen; the hubby has White Widow on the back deck so our girls get better treatment this year than when we had to hide them in the bush. I wasn’t sure if the amber stalks might have been peculiar to the Gelato strain or if something was wrong; but, maybe I’ve had amber stalks before and didn’t notice.

Best Wishes for a Bountiful Harvest!!!


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