Curing woes with Wonder Woman strain

Ok. I have a question. This is my 2nd ever harvest.
Strain - Wonder Woman (Nirvana)
Lights - Boom Plus 3000
Medium - Soil
PH 6.5
Grown inside.

I had 2 fem plants i just harvested. Planted at the same time in 5 gallon fabric pots. One plant was ready 2 weeks before the other. So the one that was ready i cut down and let it dry for a week and put in a Mason jar. Created automated burping job to stay automated as much as possible but took the lid off and forgot and went out of town for a 3 days. Came back and put the lid back on. I tell you this cured very well, very light green and had a hell of a lot of kick.
Ok the second plant 2 weeks later I cut down and let it dry for a week in a jar how I normally do it which maybe incorrect not sure but anyway this same strain turned dirt brown and doesn’t taste or have the same kick. Whats wrong here?

Sounds like maybe was too wet going into jars.


You think that would change the color?

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It will if you have botrytis setting in.


What does it smell of. Hay nothing like a pneumonia smell ect. If a strong pneumonia smell its most likely gonna be no good probably went in too wet and starting to mold or rot some. I wont leave buds in a jar long at all sealed if the rh is over 64 to 65. Have to sconsistantly watch jars if u jave them in jars. If humididty gets up past 64 65 i open jars and lay on sides for an hr or so then seal again for a while. Keep a stong eye on jars til they hold between 58 and 6w rh and u should be good to go.

Pneumonia or ammonia?

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Any pics ?

Ammonia. Lmao. Oops. Auto fill on and it looked right til u mentioned it lmao. Still starit monded and its early. Oh man. Gonna go toke on some mac dabs now. Dangit

I do need some good smoke too, :frowning: ran out :frowning:

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Me too. Still have some ozs left but it is first grow stuff from under blurples and its ok but not the goods ya know. I press all my flower so if it dont press good to me its not to my liking lmao. My aunt loves the stuff i dont like idk must have bad taste buds or she does. I got for taste along with the high. If i cant do the taste i wont smoke i dont care how high ot takes me in the sky. Anything with pineaplle flavor is out for me no coconut eew. Anything else is really ok i believe. As long as ots not :pineapple: coconut or a fish taste im good. Gassy fruity is my stuff

You cut the plant and put the fresh buds straight into a jar?

That’s a problem.

Don’t have any fungus or anything.

I put it in a jar after a week of drying after being cut.

No pneumonia smell at all. Maybe it just didn’t dry as well…