Curing with dry ice?


Huh I didn’t know that. Tell me for edibles don’t you think oil would process quicker than canna butter . In your body that is. So I’m talking like your body processing it to get a buzz . Seems like a cookie or brownie don’t affect like a hard candy or gummy. You know what I’m trying to say??? Lol


Had this discussion MAXHEADroom on another thread last week


Ive heard the coconut oil is absorbed into the body faster than butter @timmyv324 due to enzymes in the coconut? Or something along those lines cant remember exactly why


I’m guessing because of the time it takes to digest the fat in the butter compared to the coconut oil. I’m no dietitian but that’s what makes sense to me. Other than butter or bubble hash I’ve never made any wax or oils. I did make RSO once but I thought I messed it up so I tossed it. Talked to a buddy and he said it was probably good but it was to late to try. I would like to do something with all my trims other than hash or butter though


I press my trim and popcorn buds into rosin
And mainly smoke that theses days
You can always make edibles as well