Curing with dry ice?


Has anyone out there ever tried to freeze dry weed with dry ice. I heard I can actually increase THC. Would like to hear some methods of curing out there


I have not cured using dri ice but i have proceeded my fresh flower using it and pressed the kief into rosin
Pressed into a nice light honey color almost clear and flavor was awesome
Set to watching im interested in wheree this goes @timmyv324


Watching with interest :sunglasses:


Wow that’s sounds like dessert. Lol I have seen a you tube video like that a couple guys freeze dry the nugs then put them on a big door screen and they shook the keef right on the floor. I actually read this in my moms old school grow bible years ago and always wondered if it worked. I’m interested too


I live in a colder region and anytime weed gets real cold it seems to b powdery when broken up. I personally like mine a little chunky . But the book claims it will increase your THC by a few % it says to put equal amount of weed as dry ice in a container then put them in the freezer . I forget for how long but know I’m gonna have to find this and refresh


Keeped is updated @timmyv324
Not sure how freezing would increase thc but i dont know everything lol
Im going to do a little research on this myself


I read about CO2 and cannabis way back in the '70’s…something about a chemical reaction that produces an increase in available THC. Not sure whether that’s A or B.


I hear ya. I’m curious as well. Seems like if it increased THC it would b done by many but I bet it drys weed out to dust. Freezing it for the resin makes sense but not to smoke. Maybe that method isn’t for smoking use but for oil or resin making ??


Well the old bible I have is probably from the 70’s so maybe back then folks did it for making hash idk.


Heres some videos that may help. Try to ignore the pissing match he is having with some other guy on youtube

So freezing right after harvest will preserve your terpenes and terpinoids. to there freshish state. as the plant drys it releases the terpenes and that is what you are smelling.
If you think about it, frozen vegetables always taste better when they are fresh frozen.

Heres another one that explains terpenes and terpinoids

So for making oil I think freezing is the way to go IMO

Hope this helps


@Myfriendis410 fie sure co2 introducd during the grow with help im
Just not sure how dry ice after the fact could increase thc valves
As far as collecting the kief it a no brainer 100% best way imo weather processing freah or cured product just need to be careful the dry ice will freeze everything and if you process to long plant matter will be in your product


Hey cool. I can definitely see how freezing would b helpful for processing for sure. Maybe this is why you would freeze dry and not the way to go if your smoking it. It’s been a while sense I’ve read it. I’ll have to find where I seen this but I read about that a long time ago and sense I’ve started growing I never heard of anyone doing that so I thought i would see if it’s true. Thanks for the videos


Thank You @timmyv324 for posting this question. I am currently making oil (RSO) for my cancer. So I learned a lot from watching those videos too.

As you stated I think this process is best just for making oil. If you are going to smoke it, then the old style dry/cure method would be better. Either way I don’t see how you could increase your THC. Once you harvest you have what you have.


Wow Max. Sorry to hear about the cancer but On a good note my cousin beat breast cancer using RSO. Chemo is a scam I think. It’s a 97% fail rate. I wish you all the luck. My wife and I actually was thinking of using our smaller buds and trim to make oil . I’ve made it once and thought I messed it up but after researching more I did it correct. I truly think it’s way better than anything they will give you at a hospital. I’d love to do a non profit to collect growers trim and make oil to distribute to people who can’t afford it or have access to it. That would b a great marijuana adventure especially if it help folks like you. God Bless you Max and thanks for your response.


@garrigan65 any idea or input here
@Donaldj @Hogmaster you guys can also chime in if you have any info


Thanks @timmyv324 I do have 2 grows under my belt and have just started a 3rd. And thanks to all the wonderful people here in this forum I have enough product to make the 60 grams necessary to treat the cancer.

I just finished a 6oz batch and pulled 5 grams an oz. A very good yield. So that is half of what I need and have enough product for the remainder 30 grams.

I have lived with this cancer for 10 years this month and got sick of all the poison they are trying to give me. I have almost died twice from being a ginny pig for there experimental medicines.

Since Oct I have been eating half a brownie a day in hopes that it would reduce the size of my tumors. But the last CT scan showed that the tumors where growing, And a new one also appeared.

So now I am taking a more aggressive approach with the RSO oil. I can not take it orally because it just makes me to high and I can’t function, so I have to do it in a suppository method and I don’t get high at all doing it with that method. I am already at the 1 gram a day dosage.


Honestly I think your doing the right thing. Take it any way you have to. If I could Max I would donate stuff to you to make it but that’s not possible. That’s why we need a group that does that. Easier said than done I’m sure. Sounds like you have been down a rough road . My heart goes out to you but keep strong and do what your doing . I will pray for you Max and I hope others will too. I hope to hear good news from you one day.


Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I truly believe God has sent me down this path to cure my cancer and then help as many people that I can with this oil. It is not about the money, but its about helping others in the same or worst condition as mine.


You have the right attitude Max. Your an inspiration to me!! I’m truly going to look into this oil collection. I might b a dream but hey I guess we can dream. If it was legal to ship I would ship to you but we know that can’t happen. So keep up the good work I wish you plentiful harvests Godspeed to ya


They have places where you can donate your weed for people with cancer, but I think its mostly in states that are 100% legal. I live in Michigan and its medically legal, but the amount you need to make the oil exceeds the 2.5oz limit we can have. I estimate it would take 12oz to make 60 grams of oil, and that is only one treatment. So that law needs to be changed.