Curing with Boveda

Can you use boveda to cure your crop, with or without burping. 69% bags.

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I’ve tried.
A hard no.

The packets absorb too much moisture and will develop a sour/off scent that transfers to the bud.
Boveda no longer recommends their packs for cure. Just long term storage with properly cured weed.

TBH, even long term storage seems to go “off” with the boveda packs.


I agree, it definitely changes the smell of the buds. I use them to rehydrate buds but I take it out afterwards.

Just my luck. Prepping for first harvest and just ordered a few 62% packs yesterday lol.

You’ll just have to cure the old fashioned way :grin:


Thanks for the input. Will finish curing the old fashioned way. I still like the Boveda paks for all else.

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