Curing weed absorbing bad smells

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but anyway…
I recently harvested 5 plants and they have been curing in grove bags for 2 weeks. Not thinking I put the bags in a kegerator that is not running bc I figured it was dark and should be alright. Never did I realize that the kegerator has a very odd almost mild rotting smell, and when I opened up the bags last night now they all smell and taste like the kegerator. I tried looking it up but can’t find any info on this type of problem. Will the crap smell air out and go away? Is there anything I can/should do to lessen the smell? Thanks

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I would check your weed for mold. Curing conditions need to be high 60s to low 70s F and approximately 60% humidity. There needs to be a bit of airflow during the first 2 weeks of curing. e.g. If using sealed jars you would open the jars to allow airflow at least once a day.


I looked there is not any mold. I really believe they absorbed the smell. Every bag has the same nasty scent as the old fridge.

Did u dry first?

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That’s a bummer. I would take it all out of bags let it air out for a day and place em in new bags or jars. If it’s bad tasting but still a good high i would consider edibles or pressing it.
Sorry bud. but a good learning experience for all you shared with thank you.
I use jars to cure my buds and i put them in a drawer with an ice pack to keep temps down. I toss in a couple 62% humidity packs. Burp, shake and aerate method for a couple weeks and it’s gtg.
I hope you are able to save the flavor of your buds bud.


Thanks yes I dried for 2 weeks. It smelled delicious while trimming. Not anymore


So grove bags work differently then jars. The magic of them working probably is that they will allow for gas exchange through the film and while they are designed to hold flavors and smells in, i guess you have unwittingly discovered that they don’t hold smells out :confused:

I have no idea what to suggest to fix it, so sry for your troubles my freind :sweat:

Yes I read that grove bags can breathe both ways so that explains why it would absorb that stench. I have it all in trays now airing out like grassman suggested…we’ll see. It does get me nice and high so I will continue smoking it either way but was looking to give some out and show off my weed but now it’s embarrassing. I guess I’ll just take it as a learning experience and throw out that old shit kegerator that I was going to restore bc I don’t want to look at it anymore :upside_down_face:


@Mijnosirrom I know exactly what you mean. When you show up you want to show out. People will critique like a mo fo behind your back or heck your friends may right to you lol. Mine would cuz were tight like that lol.

Looks like dank to me bud. Yeah if it still got me high I’d be happy smoking it. Is there a good smell when you break open a nug yet?