Curing the Buds


@TDubWilly, Boost is an alternative product to Boveda. Boost comes with an indicator card that lets you know when the pack needs replacing, other than that, I think they are basically the same thing.

@dbrn32, should I leave the jar open for a bit and let it air out to lose some of the additional moisture? Or do you suggest I lay the bud on a paper towel outside the jar to dry out some?

This is a larf test batch, but it is showing me how bud reacts to the curing process.


I would just continue burping. A slow cure is what you want, not really race to get them dry. Seems like whatever you’re doing is working.

As far as I’m concerned, the humidity control packs are for storage more than anything else. You can use them to cure when you ha e an “oh shit” moment, but in most cases you don’t need them. You’re not really at risk of mold there if you burp, so i wouldn’t be in a hurry to get them in.

If you haven’t already, grab a nug and light it up. You’ll have a reference as to why you do all this nonsense later.


Your suggestion in perfectly in sync with mine, @dbrn32. After I dried the “test” larf to an acceptable level, I smoked a bowl of the bud when I jarred the remainder. The flavor was quite vegetal and had a very earthy flavor. I actually could taste that fresh cut grass aroma. As the week progressed burping daily, the smell is less grassy and is getting a bit more fragrant. I plan to try a bowl every few days and compare the progress. This kind of evaluation gives me a reference point, and like you said, it gives us justification to know that curing is an important process to a premium product.


not absolutely sure, but the “cut grass” smell is from chlorophyll


I can tell big differences in the larf cure on a daily basis. The smell has gone from a vegetal, grassy smell to one of a more balanced and pleasant odor.

The taste of the WW is very earthy, and according to what I have read, this is very typical of the WW strain. Its not an unpleasant taste by any means, but I don’t think it will win any awards in the taste category. I really like to make MBO, so this plant is going to serve me well in that application.

Main thing…this larf is powerful! The big plant comes down tomorrow, so now I have some good experience to plan out a solid dry and cure plan for the big buds.


I cut to hang on Friday after trimming off the large fan leaves. Tried to leave each main cola on the main stem, and the ones with side stems, I cut those side stems off the main cola and hung separately.

I ran two braided lines attached to eye hooks (this is my drying rack with clip hooks) over the length of my bathtub/shower which is in my grow room with the tent. Humidity 50%, temp 62F.

I have a small floor fan circulating lightly under the hanging colas (colas 4 foot over the fan) so there is a very gentle air current under the buds. I can see the buds very slightly moving but almost so light that I have to sit there and look for the movement. In other words, its not much.

Is this ok to keep mold and potential mildew issues from forming?


Sounds good to me.


and I am excited with you! lets do this! BAM!