Curing RH above 63%

How do y’all recommend getting RH down during cure? My RH has been a steady 73%. Thanks

Removed the buds from jars for a few hours to allow them to dry out more. You may need to do this daily until the rh comes down. Seems like they got jarred too soon.


What @Bobbydigital said. And you can also get some boost packs. Although from what I hear boveda for curing takes away some of your essential oils and flavonoids. But their competitor brand is supposed to be better and not do them. I use them to store my mugs and keep them fresh. Integra boost packs. Check them out. Supposed to help cure too.

I don’t recommend using boveda packs for curing. Boveda doesn’t either.
As @Bobbydigital said open the jars.
If they’re really wet a few hours in a paper bag will help. Just don’t overdry.

@Drinkslinger boveda doesn’t, but a lot of growers I’ve seen will use them. But like I said they say it affects it. Integra swears by using their boost packs to cure. And I’ve talked to a lot of others that swear by the integra brand.

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Thanks everyone I will pull them out for a little while to see how that works. One jar is staying a perfect 62% but like I said the other is running at the 73%, so I will take them out for a few hours to get the RH down. Thanks again everyone!

I see a lot of growers use miracle grow soil…

My experience, and I’ve communicated with boveda who concur, is that the packs cannot absorb that much moisture. They get overloaded.

I haven’t tried integra yet. I’ll give it a shot next harvest, but not for cure, just for storage.

They’re better then boveda. It’s a different system. Check them out. Even if you dont wanna cure with them, you’re gonna love them for storage. I use them with my cvault.

I was warned against the Boveda packs as well in another tread I was seeking advice on this same subject. That person disliked storing with them as well. If mine get a little dry, I grab a leaf, last night I shared a small tomato leaf from my Tiny Tim plant with 4 jars that were between 59-60%. I let them sit overnight and usually remove next morning. They raise the humidity nicely and it comes back down quickly as well.

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