Curing question? RH

Hell everybody I have started the curing process on 10/15-10/16 i have all my buds in jars with hygrometers and they all say RH 50-60 I’ve burped 15 minutes every 24 hours but I thought that the RH was supposed to be a lot higher ? Any suggestions ?

I just put the lids back on


60 - 65% is the sweet spot @ like 70° . Your right there not too bad. Surely others will chime in but I’d sleep with those numbers.

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This morning I woke up and some were at 49% and the buds aren’t crumbling or super dry

I shoot for 60 - 65 too, but I don’t get alarmed until/unless I see RH consistently below 55.

I’ve added couple of drops of water in a jar to mitigate chronically low RH and it’s worked pretty well. A couple of drops is more than enough to do it in my experience.


Some will say lettuce cucumber even I’ve heard, for me I was able to take a still drying bud and drop a nug in a jar. Worked for me but I also watch it like a hawk.

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I’ll take a fat ass stem and throw in the jar

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I have read many people use humidity packs as the link below…

I am waiting for my harvest and am trying them out for the first time in a few weeks… I was planning on the same as you with the jars and meters plus adding a pack in to maintain humidity levels.

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I take that back after doing more searching I found this thread on here…

If you have some plants still growing you could cut a leaf off a plant and put it in the jars to raise the rh.:v:

62% Boveda packs. Some people are concerned about terpenes while using them but I never had an issue. Get some in jars ASAP.

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They work well and will last a year or two depending on how often you open your jars.

@EarlyPearl @Myfriendis410

Do you cure with them or use after cure is finished?

If so… Would you detail the steps used while using Boveda for a cure?

I will be harvesting in a few weeks and trying to get a plan together.

First; look at your weather forecast. You want temps in the mid 50’s to low 60’s with RH around 50%. If done artificially that’s where I’d shoot for.

Plan to remove most of the big fan leaves and dead/dying plant material ahead of harvest day. A week or so is good.

I run water-only for the last couple of weeks and monitor the runoff TDS. When it hits an arbitrary value I set for myself the plant/plants go into darkness.

36 hours in dark, plant is cut down from a darkened grow space.

I always perform a bud wash in H202.

Plant material is hung and monitored. When I feel outer flower is getting dry, the plant material goes into a clear tote with lid and fan and I adjust the lid gap to produce more or less airflow. At night I drop a hygrometer in the tote and seal it to determine where I am the next day. 7 to 10 days to dry harvest is ideal to maintain volatile oils/terpenes.


Put a slice of lemon or lime or orange ontop of a piece of folded paper towel, lay the paper towel ontop your cannabis. Leave the citrus in your jars overnight and remove in the morning, of course this is if your dope is below the desired target moisture! Tighten lids and wait until evening to see if the Moisture content had risen. Or you can use boveda packs. You dont want the weed too dry or the curing process stops or slows and you end up with hay smelling dope. Keep the humidity in the jars at or around 60 percent. If its 60 already just do a qyick air exchange and tighten the lids, dont leave the lids off for 15 minutes or longer, just exchange the air and jar it overnight again and repeat.

You can use apple as well. Or pear or any fruit really.

I flush for the last couple of weeks and then hang them up to dry and bend the limbs and when it doesn’t snap back like a normal plant usually 2 to 4 days then I put it in jars. I have no control over the humidity, so the Boveda packs come in handy. I think the lower the humidity would mean to put them in jars with the Boveda packs quicker. I have Strawberry Kush that’s going on 2 year old that I’ve kept in Boveda packed jars that is some of the best smoke that I’ve ever tasted. Just remember to burp your jars a couple times a day for a couple of weeks then maybe once a week for a couple of weeks and you will be fine.

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I aim for 62%, if I’m too high I will take the lid off and let the RH come down naturally. If I’m below 60% I will stick a fan leaf on the bottom, one in the middle and one on the top to bring the RH up to 62%. If I’m bang on 62 then I will open the jars once a week tops

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I just wet a 1/4 of a paper towel using RO water and squeezed most of the water out put the paper towel over the mouth and put the lid back on for about 12 hours and now I’m perfect ! All at around 66rh