Curing Process Help Needed

Hey sorry if i put this in wrong section, was looking for “Support” –

I’ve cut my girls and put them into hang drying and after 1 night of being in 45 humidity and 75 temp they shriveled pretty strong. – looks like it cut a ton of water weight, which is all good :slight_smile: Still a nice supply overall and the shit is ridiculously strong- grown from 31% THC Crops

Im just curious as to when to get them into the jars, i feel like I did it too late last time- after just 1 day they feel crisp but the stems dont snap. the flowers themselves have dried pretty quick tho, I taste tested a bud and it still has SOME moisture to them, but felt about 60% dry when i grinded it with my fingers into the bowl~

Looking specifically at the stem option, I was told wait until it snaps but is there protocols for when the buds feel like they are drying much faster ?

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My Grow Journal from Flower Day 1- Harvest <= click here to check my whole grow. ill update some more pics there soon, aswell as some shots in a minute of the difference in day 1


You want to take about 7 to 10 days to dry to maintain the flavors. I do not like the twig snap direction because that is only valid after being in the jar for a while. You want the stems to crack but not snap apart: way too dry. You can put your flower in paper shopping bags to slow down the rate of drying. I like my RH to be in the 55% range when doing this and temps in the 60’s. A dim room or space is best as well.


ah ok, i had them in complete darkness, and I did read in many places the paperbag idea, i think im going to give that a shot for a day-

I have her in a sealed room with de-humidifer, so its pulling moisture fast and strong- possibly too strong.

EDIT: add: My last grow i saw mold on one peice in the curing process, lost me a few solid chunks- so ive been overworried wanting to keep her with the dehumidifer— I could have her in a room with A/C the temps flux to 62-65 f. but RH stays around 60-65%



Hello which strain seeds?

This is durban poison skywalker OG

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That would be my first choice.

You are likely past the mildew stage now. What you are really trying to do is get the moisture out without damaging all of the flavor. The cure will bring it out but right now a gentle drying is the ticket.


Myfriendis410 has you covered here.