Curing not curing this

As my buds sit somewhere between 65% and 70% (rough figure 'cause my meters are disagreeing) and feeling dry enough that clearly no mold will show… the smell of grass, of chlorophyl, really dominates!

It’s Durban Poison. Outdoor.

I thought the grass smell cures out and the other smells come to the front???

Any Wisdom? … Save my Nose! Save my Buds!


I would say you’re a ways from cured if 65-70% rh is accurate. You’re looking for like 60%.

Have you been burping them properly? Since you’re rh is still high, you have to remove the off gassing and get fresh air in. If you’ve been doing that properly, just continue and it should get better.


A perfect cure usually takes about three months


Taste will change over time. For my am haze only burped two weeks. On other hand my ak47 took a month.


Thank you. I’ll be patient. I’ve got a humidity question I’ll pose in a new topic.

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When they get down to mid 50% RH they will be ready for jarring. If you jar them before that you will only get mold. @Hoyt


So using 62% bovada packs will make it mold

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You sure? Does boveda have different packs? I will harvest my plants soon and it’s my first grow so I wonder what to use for humidity control during that time. Curing I mean

No I have done a lot of reading and it is looking anything under 70% you should be good but I have some smoke sitting for the last month with a 62% and it’s fine. It’s just a little to moist to roll or smoke so I’ll be going to 58% myself


Yeah I’m not into chewy smoke either too hard to use or light.