Curing my harvest

Can a air tight plastic container be used to cure? I doubled my grow this season and guess what I didn’t stock up on mason jars. Hoping to use some air tight containers for now until I can get some more mason jars. Everywhere in my area are sold out.

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I have used food grade plastic buckets with good results. It helps to have the right amount in it for size of container. I filled a 2.5 gallon about 3/4 full and also put a couple of large boveda packs inside.

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As long as its truly air tight and in the dark, I dont believe it matters. But I could be wrong.
I do know I’ve heard of a lot of cultivators using buckets. But you can also buy CVaults online. Perfect for what you’re trying to do. Even has a spot in the lid for the boost pack(of your choice, I prefer integra) to sit in.

Thanks for the answers.