Curing my bud, low humidity

Just harvested and dried my bud, now curing but humidity levels in my jar not getting above 54% need some input, did i dry my bud too long?

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Nah you were closer then I usually am in the dry winter months you can always throw in fresh pot leaves or lemon/ orange rind in to rehydrate them

OK thanks we’ve got some of those little halo oranges

It’s up to 60% already do i just take pieces of the rine out of the jar until i get it to stay about 62% or what do i do?

Whatever you do, dont let the peels rot in the jar… Better use lettuce change regularly, less flavour same effect, avoid contact to buds.
Once you hit RH take out let sit… if needed add again until cured.
buy boveda packs for long term storage.

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Yea I don’t leave the rind in the jars for more then 3 hours (and l wait till it’s closer to 10 above what you want it’ll stabilize closer to perfect)

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OK thanks

Be careful with the fruit thing because it can create mold. Boveda humidity packs are best

You are ok, anything below 50 the cure is dead. Just cure them and then use Boveda 58 or 62s as stated below

IslandGrown 76, I think I discovered that, lol. 25% humidly … what cure?

My second grow will be ready to harvest in about 4 weeks. Humidity is now in the teens. Ah, grass terps are great, grass terps are great …

Do you cure your harvest?

Humidity in the teens maybe a bit low, 40% indoors is what I shoot for in the last few weeks of flower

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Do I cure my harvest? It was my first and I dried it a bit too quickly. I had planned on some sort of cure, but during my dry trim, it’s like this stuff is crispy and grassy-smelling, so it didn’t seem worth the money for the Boveda packs; maybe I’m wrong on that. I burped it, but I doubt that did anything worthwhile. Well, I love the high/stone from it, but I’d never bring it to an mj connoisseur gathering, lol.

Yeah, I’d have to run a humidifier, a lot, to get to 40%. I don’t tent. ILGM’s White Widow Autos are thankfully hardy, lol.

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It will improve with time, mine goes into jars around 68% and I burp several times a day and then less and less. I try it after 4 to 5 weeks in cure, but the best is after a few months it is a totally different animal. I don’t use Boveda to cure, only to stabilize at 62% humidity when the cannabis has completed its cure


Right, yes, I forgot the packs are for post-cure. I keep meaning to put a humidity reading into one of my jars, just for a laugh, if nothing else.

Dry air is a problem with the drying/curing part. Well, at least my mj has medicinal effects. The taste really isn’t that bad, neither is it harsh.

I like having a hygrometer in each jar for sure, a boveda pack. They work really well and preserve the terps

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Well cool, I need to preserve the grass terps. Kidding, of course. Yes, I see many posts saying how well they work. Hopefully someday I’ll get my drying and curing dialed in.

Tried a different 2 way humidity pack supposed to have been 62% 2 way but it wouldn’t raise my humidity but it didn’t lower it either they really didn’t seem to effect them either way. I’ll go with BOVEDA next time.

I put mine in grove bags at 45% humidity and as the inner buds are drying my humidity is creeping up to 54%. Grove bags are supposed to lock the humidity between 58-62% no need for burping. After 2 days in the bags my buds are way more smokable than when in jars and have way better appeal. Try them

Do you cure just as long with the bags