Curing in a mini wine fridge?

I have an unused thermoelectric wine fridge I’d like to experiment with a cure using grove bags.

Anyone have any recommendations on settings?

I see all kinds of posts re temp and Rh numbers anywhere from 60-70.

I can set this fridge anywhere at that range and get humidity between 60-65 so just looking for anyone with experience

Again note this is post drying

Thanks in advance for any assistance


A little pamphlet came with my grove bags. Under Best Practices it advised: "While curing, store your product in a well ventilated and cool area (ideally, 60 but never above 70 degrees F).


60 RH is good, and anything under 70.


If using the fridge to cure you dont need Grove Bags, if your using Grove bags you dont need the fridge to cure. Fridge might be good for drying though.


Appreciate the replies…using the fridge because I can’t get my house anywhere at 70 or below …

60rh at 60 degrees is a preferred cure throughout alot of growers its definitely what I like

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Thank you all for the replies….I, going to try a setting around 60- 62 degrees and aim to get about 60 Rh with a small non electric dehumidifier