Curing in a coat closet at 80F?

One of my five plants (Blueberry Kush autoflower) is ready for curing so I’m hanging it upside down on a hanger. Since the curing area should be dark, I’ve put it in a coat closet with a humidifier set to 60%. Closet is empty except for the one plant, so there’s no coats or anything.

The issue is that the temps can get up to 79 or 80 F since there’s no A/C vent in the ceiling in the closet. Is this going to have an affect on the final product?

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It will likely dry a little faster than optimal. But you left on enough leaves on it that it should be OK.

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Okay, so maybe a couple days earlier. I have a moisture meter so I’ll keep checking it. I forgot what nubmer a bud is ready on the moisture meter. Is it 12?

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11 to 12. Here’s my handy reference: