Curing humidity at 50% too low?

I did a lot of reading that suggested when some of the smallest stems snap off its ready to go in jars.

I have been drying for 10 days at 50% humidity and about temps at 60F 15C. Still with 4 big plants only could find a couple of the smallest stems would break in two when bent.

The buds seemed to be getting dry and small fan leaves around the buds would crumble off. I didn’t want to risk over drying so I cut all buds off and put into some sealed bins.
I have a hygrometer in each bin and they are sitting at 51-54% at about 60F.

I’m wondering if I should be worried about this as I was expecting the humidity to be much higher at the start of the curing process. I worried that the curing process will be halted.

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Be worried, that is way too dry for your buds. Mist a bit of kitchen roll and place it in beside your bud. You need to get that humidity up to around 62% buddy. Mine dropped to 57% and I’ve been sitting here since 6:30 am trying to get it back up. Currently at 63% so bringing it down slowly now. Took me an hour and a half to bring it up. Take it past 65% and it will settle down as your bud absorbs the moisture

Thanks man. Much appreciated.
Im going to try that right now. It’s gotten cold and dry here suddenly, I’m having trouble keeping the temps up in my grow shed. Finally found some Mason jars today so I can bring them inside and not worry about the smell.

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Any time buddy. Get yourself a hygrometer and place it in the jar after you’ve trimmed up. 62% is the sweet spot. If you’re low you can add a leaf or two or a moist piece of kitchen roll. Put @ in front of a user name and we will swing by for a chat otherwise your reply could get missed