Curing & Harshness

So first grow, learned and screwed up a lot but had 3 plants 2 indica and one sativa. Have 3 32 oz mason jars 3/4 full and curing since 7/28 and 8/1. Smell is ok, much better now, smoke was a bit harsh. My question is a few times I’ve used indica at night amp wake up in am with a headache? Is that a plant thing, like maybe too many leaves I missed in trim? Or I’m smoking too much from a pipe and experiencing greenout?


There are many reasons why the bud you grow can taste harsh. Such as the light being to close to the plant when growing, not flushing the plant long enough, giving the plant more nutes then it needs, or not washing your buds after cutting the plant down.


If you make hash out of it you will likely get rid of the harshness and headaches! Many people experience that from smoking the plant material. Not unlike drinking alchohol with loads of sugar.