Curing containers

would these work?

yes, I don’t have any, but have read they work good. Someone here uses them for bud. I am cheap, mason jars are 12 for $8 here…

If I remember correctly, they even have a little thing/slot underside of the lid to put your bovida pack in…


@jmlove123 sure, but mason jars are cheaper! Those vaults are usually what people keep their personal stash in!


It will be my personal stash lol :laughing:

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They do have big ones, description claims it can hold a 1/2 pound…

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I also like these @Ron330


Now those are nice, first time I’ve seen those. Would love to get one of those as a gift. But probably couldn’t talk myself into spending the cash for it, but do love the lid display. I just use the “squeeze” method of checking my humidity…

I will make it be a gift for my self maybe for Valentine’s Day :joy:


Those are nice. Expensive if you grow a lot of meds though.

I will make my own @Ron330, like this one. Just wait for my humidity meters to arrive after that i will install them on my jars :wink:


I have 2 cv container the small one like you posted @jmlove123 they work great. I love it holds plenty and even helps rehydrate the really dry bud. If you look I think I paid 23$ for one of the small ones. I got one at local smoke shop and one on amazon. Both were 23$.

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