Curing Buds in a Refrigerator

I was wondering if drying my buds in a refrigerator could be beneficial. In my refrigerator where I keep my beer stash in, the humidly is at 31% and is dark all the time except when the door is open.The temperature is at 50° and fresh air would be replenished when the door is open. I’m guessing if there was a small fan inside, that would help too. So my question is; Is this a good idea or would I be degrading the THC level in my weed? The other benefit would be the smell of the buds would be contained too.

I would wait for an expert opinion, but I wouldnt let it go through the drying process in there. When the plant is first drying its still going through and processing clorophyl as well as other things, which helps your smoke taste much better. Thats why its best to hang it upside down with leaves attached. It thinks its alive and burns through everything it has to stay that way. I think putting it in the fridge too soon would cause cell damage, preventing that whole process. However, as a means of storage, the fridge works just fine. Again, wait on an expert but thats my thought.

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Curing entails some natural biological processes at the cellular level in the bud itself as it is drying out, as well as some foreign microbial activity, that does indeed further break down the chlorophyll and sugars or other nutrients in the plant’s cell walls. And so making it too cold will slow cellular function of both the cannabis and the microbes, as well as any other chemical reactions, as well as causing the bud to possibly dry too quickly when the jar or container is “burped”. Ideal temperature is around 65-70*F with about 60%-65% humidity. Any colder or dryer and all the biological and chemical reactions and functions will be greatly slowed as well as potential cellular damage.

However, for storage after a proper cure, low temps will help prevent THC from degrading, and proper humidity can be maintained with cigar humidity devices or “gel” packs. And so storage post cure is not necessarily a bad idea in a fridge, but I wouldn’t necessarily put the stash I use regularly in there. Removing from the cold dry fridge, to a warmer more humid area and exposing it to condensation and then back and forth temp changes will also potentially degrade your herb, and/or introduce the conditions for mold.

I had a friend that stores his seeds and weed in the fridge, but he broke it down into smaller containers, and same with the seeds, each one in its own little individual air tight container.

Oh! Also, same for his pollen pouches, separated into small individual containers, so that when he got one to use, no matter which item it was, the other items stayed relatively unchanged from their environment, only the one that was removed had to go to through the temperature and humidity change to room temperature to be then used. And so he’d have say a couple of weeks worth per container, so he wasn’t always digging for stuff in the fridge.

I think it was seeds in the fridge, and cured weed and pollen in the freezer, though.

Sooo… what I said then.

yup, pretty much, lol.

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So… you’re saying no?

That is a big no, unless you can and want to set it up to the above temperature and humidity settings of about 60-65% humidity and 65-70* F.

Just kidding and Thanks :sunglasses: for all the info, a lot of very good information.

What about the fact that some terpenes become viatol and start degrading above 65 F? Wouldnt be better to drop the temp anyway?