Curing and how long to keep jar open?


I might have left one of my plants drying too long, it went into curing jar at 58-59%. I put in a Boveda packet, humidity is a steady 60% on day 8 of curing. How long should I keep the jar open since the weed is so dry and how often?


@Bobbi you still need to burp the jars min 15 min twice a day for the first two to three weeks
This lets out gases that are released during the cure that can be harmful to you so it’s a very important step
So 15 min twice a day keep sealed with bovidia packs the rest of the time 60% is ok Bobbi don’t stress out about it your doing fine Hun
Peace :v::cowboy_hat_face: CB


Uh oh I never left my jars open 15 minutes so late apologies to all the peeps I’ve harmed!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Countryboyjvd1971 THanks , I knew you said that before but I didn’t know if it applied to dry weed like mine!


How long do you do that for, when can you quit burbing ? I’ve been doing mine for 2-3 weeks…


I’ve left mine open for 4hrs, just forgot about them lol. . . PLUS being medicated didn’t help…


I usually do 20 mins every day…


How’s it coming along @Bobbi


I opened all my jars Sunday, gave them a good shake and then left them open a couple hours. I have jars going back to 4/1 from 2 grows. Two weeks into my cures I added a 58% boveda packet. Never had any concerns with any moisture in my jars or ammonia or other non- cannabis odors so I’m feeling good about only opening my jars and shaking the buds a few times a day for the first month. A friend who’s a longtime grower was gifted some of my weed and made positive comments on my cure, so no longer worried but plan to leave open longer next run.

I think about Mexican weed laying to cure in piles like hay…don’t read about people dying from it so…:laughing:…I think my weed is non toxic!


@bob31 Hi Bob…my jar stays at 61% since I put in the boveda pack, counting the days. It’s been very hot and humid in the land of 10,000 lakes. The tent is reaching 80+ degrees with the lights so I’ve had to run the dehumidifier right next to the tent and open one side of the tent doors to keep heat and humidity down. This caused a HUGE problem. A gnat must have flown in the open door and settled in for the night, decided to stay. I found 4 spotted leaves on one plant that didn’t look good, I took the plant out of tent immediately and put outside. After looking at the leaves under the scope, I did see two tiny little black specks, don’t know if it was dirt or what. That was 4 days ago and have had no further leaves turning or spotting. I didn’t want to treat it with mite poisoning because I’m so close to harvesting it. The top is ready but not the bottom. It’s very tall and the underneath branches didn’t get much light since it’s so crowded in the tent.

I’v learned a lot this season, the most important lesson is to start my seed Oct 1st instead of March 15th. I will never go through the summer months again with our heat and humidity, No sign of bugs on my other plants. I put up a sheer screen over the open door so the tent wouldn’t heat up so much and the dehumidifier would help keep the plants dryer.


Very good @Bobbi it won’t be much longer!


@Sl1 that Mexican weed is also dried under tarps outdoors not in airtight jars lol
It just good practice imo to burp for the for two weeks or some them seal and let cure for a while longer is better


@Countryboyjvd1971 I thought I had to burp my plants for the duration of the cure? Like3 months ?


I only burp for about two weeks sometimes a bit longer it won’t hurt to burp longer @Bobbi
Once you get a few grows under your belt your ne able to tell when to stop burping
And I’m not sure if I mentioned it once I stop burping I vacuum seal them for the long term cure
I used to vacuum seal in between burps but god that to time consuming for me I still work so during the week my time is limited


Yeah thanks for your info I never read to leave the jars open for an hour everyday before … always learning new things here


Thank god for growing. Thinking back that Mexican weed sucked. They threw male and female plants in together, remember all the seeds in Mexican dirt weed. Countryboy is right in that you should burp 2 tines a day for 2 weeks then still burp every couple of days for a couple of more weeks. Its usually good after 2 weeks but the longer you cure the better it gets.


I’ve been reading about boveda packs and found out they come in different sizes. How do you calculate the amount of boveda packs needed per grams of bud you have in your jars? Thanks!


Hey @EarlyPearl, I just bought a 10-pack of the boveda humidity packs, I got the 2 gram size (good for quart jars) and I also got the 62% type…I figure that 62%RH is about right, not quite mold level (which I believe is 65%rh)
Anyway, I’ll be interested to see how they work for you…never tried them before…:slight_smile:


so on the question of RH in the jar while curing, if the RH outside/inside house is at 60%RH, and temp is about 85out/79in, can i just leave my jars open or not use the Boveda? Even in the winter, our RH is at about 50%. Just asking for future reference.


Part of the reason for jarring @cheapsweater is so that the final moisture deep inside the bud is redistributed. Burping them for a couple of weeks and then keeping them closed in the jars after that is to help them cure for a nice smooth flavor. The bovedas aren’t mandatory but they help keep your bud at that optimal Rh range. I think the best option is to test a couple of jars. Run one with a boveda and a hygrometer and run the second one how you’d like to and see what happens.