Curing and drying

Hello everyone Im currently doing some research on how to properly cure & dry. Ive heard a lot of ppl calling it an ART to master it seems like this is a skill few have perfected, can anyone help me out ?, the ppl I’ve talk to in person aren’t much help i have the basic knowledge but I don’t think I’m doing it correctly

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@Alexgrowz Check out Roberts grow bible. Lots of good info there for you.


Thanks I will definitely look into it

Couldn’t agree more @AnneBonny I still refer to the sections in mine to double check things I’m not sure about.

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Awesome I’ve tried the drying & curing experience no more than 3xz

I personally cut the branches from the main stalk and tri the leafs off then hang in my grow tent with the carbon filter/ exhaust fan going on low to remove the moist air. I try and keep the humidity in the tent around %60.
Once the small stems snap not bend it’s time to cut the buds off the stems and put them in canning jars.
I fill the canning jars about 3/4 full to leave an air space.
For the first few weeks I open the jars a few times a day to get fresh air in the jars and to release the gasses that are expelled during the curing process.
Once the humidity in the jars stabilize I’ll only open them once every few days. And the. Once a week stand so on.

The article @AnneBonny posted is a great article to read. I read that article when I was ready to cure my first time and it helped a lot.


Wow this is exactly the details I was looking for thank you so much & yes the booklet is a good guide