Curing and Drying Options for Caribbean Grower

Little Background:
So I’m about 2 weeks away from my first harvest since Trinidad and Tobago in December 2019 decriminalized MJ (yey!). I’ve also been collecting information through reading Ed Rosenthal’s Handbooks as well as following other guides. My head just wants to explodes since everyone has different situations but none tackling the Caribbean. All of them have expanded my knowledge tremendously but the knowledge I’ve gained seems to be more fitting to places outside the equator (I live in the Caribbean). Here we have two major seasons; dry with 88F and 40-78% humidity and Rainy Season with 84F and 85-100% humidity with some high winds.

  1. What are my options for curing starting with basic sheds and all that all the way to AC units and Jars?
  2. Do people cure first then dry or other way around? I’ve read in Ed’s book and it says cure first but online I’ve seen people go straight to Jars.

Will appreciate in-depth answers that aren’t vague
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Moderate temps: like low 60’s with around 55% RH is perfect for drying. Dry first to avoid plant material spoiling then into jars and cure. Lots of folks use Boveda Packs, 62% for storage. If you have a large crop you can put in jars then freeze so long as the freezer is NOT frost-free. It will keep for years in there.

So in your case you are going to want to run a/c to bring temps down. 10 days to dry is fantastic and anything over 7 is great. That’s kinda the goal you want to work toward.

FYI south Florida has the same issues.


To dry properly, you really need humidity to be under 60RH or the buds will never really dry and then mold becomes a problem, in such a humid place I would imagine a dehumidifier/AC may be needed. Really have no experience with high humidity issues as I live in the desert so arid/dry conditions is more my specialty.

I think of curing as the last part of the slow dry process and done in jars. I hang the plants to dry til thin stems are snappy, then cut the buds off the stems, put into large containers to slow down the drying, open container daily to release gases, get fresh air, release some moisture. When they get to about 62RH, I move to jars and open them for a few minutes a day for gas exchange, after a couple weeks of that I leave them sealed til I want to smoke them.

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Perfect thanks man! I bought a new AC unit weeks back thinking I would have needed it for this period and what do you know it’s mandatory. Lots of people down here air dry but I want my thing to be best of the best. I want people to fall off their chairs and find a unicorn. You know ? lol

Ps over 7? Days you mean?


That is correct he meant 7 days
Do you have any pics of your grow?


Funny how I went from AZ to Trinidad haha Low Humidity to High Humidity. Thanks for this process… I will get prepared.



yeah; at least 7. If going past 10 you risk mold or spoilage.

Here’s another thing you should consider doing: it’s cheap and fast and easy and makes flower ‘pop’!


Another question; could temp increase after or should I keep it in the AC room? The AC would be my room and since I’m not always home or AC not running constantly, I was thinking maybe I can move it to the kitchen if not that the fridge.

In regards to your Freezer storage Idea thats great what I wanted to know is would using glass or plastic in make a difference? I have no glass to store in freezer and neither Boveda

Wouldn’t this take off resin/trichomes?

I’d try for as stable as possible but some combo of a/c and fans should do.

THC is not soluble in peroxide or water.

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@Jamezium your plants look nice

Thanks I’m excited to post the rest I got a whole lot each has its own style of growing. Currently going through some seeds to make my own special collection dense buds, big yields and unique terps. I’m just mad I wasn’t able to get a clone from this bad boy