Curing and drying marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

I need some good advice on drying and curing. I cant seem to get that part right

Have you read the grow bible?

or have you read these articles here at ILGM?

Someone please help me understand the difference between curing and hanging to dry. I seen I seeds in my grow. The curing has me confused. Need help asap as I think it’s just about time to harvest.

Correction. No seeds are visible. Lol

Hanging to dry is basically part of the curing/drying process.

Not everyone hangs the plant whole or as large branches cut and hung.

Some cut branches and remove and trim the nuggets right away and then do a short period of open air drying on a screen, or levels of screens, so air can get easily to all sides of the buds.

The whole idea is to slow the drying process almost as much as possible without it being too humid and developing mold or mildew.

Check the above links and if any further clarification is needed, feel free to ask your questions and I’ll try and help it get cleared up.


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