Curing and boveda packs

So this will probably be my last question for my first grow. i harvested, I dryed for 9 days, got 3 one-gallon jars and put about 5 oz in each one (had to pack it in there a little tighter than I was hoping). I have started curing now and am curious to see when people add 62% boveda packs, I have read so many different things about them taking away from the flavor and smell, so should I do a 2-3 week cure before adding them? And what is the ideal humidity range for curing? Been burping 3 times a day for 15 minutes btw

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I never put Boveda packs in my jars until the cure is complete (2-3 weeks).


Ideal range is 58-62RH. I don’t use any moisture packs in my curing or long term storage jars (or grove bags) get the moisture level perfect then seal them up real good = no moisture loss as long as you don’t open them.

I only use boveda packs for the jars I leave out for smoking that gets opened many times a day and I use the 58RH packs for those as I find 62RH a little moister than I like for smoking.


I never use boveda either. If my humidity is stable after a week in the jars then I leave them sealed and let them get on with it

Ive used them and they made my buds so dry ,i would cure ur buds with out the packs put a humidity gauge in ur jars and burp ur jars every day once ur humidity stays around 62% then add the packs