Curing 50% humidity?

hey guys!, i just put my bud in the mason jars to start the curing process. I put my humidity reader in one of the jars and it’s reading 50% rh with a 69 temp. is 50% good for curing or should i try adding humidity to the jars?

I keep mine at 62%. So it retains a little more moisture.


I have been trying to keep the RH about 60%. If you think it is too dry, clip a new leaf of a plant and put it in the jar to increase the RH.

Hi. I was wondering if maybe you used the Boveda 62% RH 2-Way Humidity Control packets?

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I don’t know if that is a good idea to be honest. What they do is take moisture out and release it. Which could mean you jack the buds up aka become to dry.

I agree. Besides people have been doing without for a long time, lol. Also, I don’t need to be spending any more than possible.

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There is natural things you can use to bump up the RH%. I can’t
Remember what they are since I just use the aboveda 62%.

Hi, we’ve looked at the boveda packs a lottt and have really considered getting them. we definitely plan on trying them with one of our grows. we’ve heard really good things about them and heard they can be really beneficial in the curing process.

I read recently you can take some recent clippings and put them in the jars to raise the RH.

Might want to check out grove bags too, they seem to make curing and storing a breeze. Here is a thread about them. Anyone using "grove bags" to cure? - #383 by MoFo


You could even wash ordinary lettuce leaves, dry them with a paper towel and add that to your curing jar to raise the RH. Just be sure they are clean and dry.


I just had my first harvest. When I jarred my buds I found they were too dry. I did try the Boveda bags to raise the RH, but they only raised it to about 40%. Someone advised using half a tortilla (I used corn) it worked great, plus I had to worry less about mold.