Cureing large amounts

When you say stir, do you like tumble the weed by shaking, or stir like pasta sauce?

More like a pasta sauce, I use a metal spoon and basically bring the buds up from the bottom of the pile to the top of the pile and then round and round a little so the buds can unstick themselves from the other buds they are presently stuck to.


Amazing. Pasta was the perfect analogy lol.

Cannabis has me feeling like a perfectionist. Thank you as always.

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Hepa intake carbon filtered drying tent, takes about 7-10 until i can break the bud’s off the stem.


It’s a nice set up. But are you doing it in the dark? Maybe you need to trim it dry so the leaves and stuff are on and it slows down the dry a little more? Breaking everything down more? Plus curing is part of that process. Boveda is said, by the manufacturer, to take away flavonoids, but not thc. Integra swears they dont and I havent had an issue with them. No smells or anything. So maybe it’s because you used boveda packs or something? But I can tell you that using integra packs while curing, they nor anything has the taste or smell of chlorophyll.

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Nice dry tent! I dig


I wish I understood all that lingo you just threw out there lol I’m doing my first cure in about 5 weeks. I thought you could just hang that shit from the stem from the ceiling and let nature do the rest lol.

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My c-vault fits 4 oz give or take. @Hellraiser


C vaults are useless when you have a few pounds of pot to do. Tupperware or rubbermaids work pretty good. Or… go to a hardware store and buy a couple boxes of canning jars, probably should anyway right?

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They make c-vaults for pounds though. I just only got a quarter pound c-vault.

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Never seen one that big…? Hmmm maybe I need to look it up?

You have to find their site. They make other things beside c-vaults. I think e-vaults too or something like that. And they have personal sizes and cultivator sizes. I’m gonna go se if I can find it. Brb.

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I mean, you can find things for more weight at a cheaper price I suppose. But I like them. They’re cool.


Yeah thats huge, but also expensive! Ill stick to jars and store them in my gun safe! I think the maim advantage is the darkness?


I seen where an air pump in a 5 gallon bucket was used.
1 check valve onto the intake going in
1 check valve on the exit air hole.
That way air can’t get in or out except thru the air pump.
He set to pump to go off once a day for 15 mins

So u don’t hang to dry at all? Just chop and straight into the tupperware?

I think that and the fact that it has the slot for the boost pack in the lid.
A little better for transporting then glass would be I suppose as well if need be. I have a bunch of amber ball jars I’ll be using as well to cure. Lol.

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5 gallon buckets with a check valves, air pump on a timer and a gamma seal lid

Solid air line to the bucket but inside the bucket I use a laser drilled co2 line

image image image


Read and learn bud smoker. An improper drying and cureing will leave you less then happy in the end. There is a lot of chemistry going on at this point.

What kind of negative pressure should it be?