Cureing help for beginners I hope 🤞

got this at the head shop but there on amazon
Vacuum seal jar works great :+1:

I harvest dried and put in there for 2 weeks and it was pretty good, gonna use a humidity pack in it next time to see if that’s any better.


You shouldn’t need the humidity pack during the cure if you start at the right humidity level around 60%
And you still need to burp you jars a few time s a day
Looks nice I’ve been using a vacuum sealer with jar attachments as well works good
Happy smoking :v: CB

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I was looking at something like that on Amazon.

Last harvest on one of the test clones , and to keep her a test clone. After drying I just stuck the whole plant in a vacuum seal bag for a week. Did nothing for taste but it was smooth. Very little smell. But fire smoke. I do want to try the jar attachment looks good.

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