Cure plants with odor

Question from a fellow grower!

Hello my heros and angels… What do you think? See below

I am harvesting Saturday morning.

Thanks for your assistance along the way.

Now to master harvesting and curing. The plant never had an odor. I am hoping with proper curing it will start to smell. If you have any suggestions regarding the proper way to cure to optimize odor.

Thanks again.

Long dry time. Dry at about 65% humidity. Your essentially making a drying closet a mason jar. Essentially your making drying and curing all one process shoot for about 13-18 days drying/curing. But BEWARE keep plenty of air circulating and keep an eye out for mold you’ve come so far. Also if your afraid dry for one night at 50%hum then there on after keep it at 65% hope this helps