Cultured Biologix EZ Tea and New EON Nutrients…Discussion

During my normal visit to my hydro store I got some samples of a nutrient line I hadn’t seen before, I am planning to run it on a single plant in the next couple months. But I was curious is anyone had used them before.

I also noticed on their site they have a new line coming that has zero nitrates so I am curious about that line as well when it comes out.

I figured this would be a good spot to talk about their line and if anyone else is using it what results they’ve seen.

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Same here

We were using Suite Leaf nutrients. They went commercial so we had to find another nutrient company. during our research, we ran across Cultured Biologix EON so we gave it a try. We just harvested and got 30% more yield and more dense buds. It is a little more time consuming to mix but WELL WORTH IT!!!

This is my current plant that has been getting this line as a supplement.

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Looks awesome!!! Good nutes…

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Yeah she’s almost done, about another 2 weeks and she should be good for harvest. I mainly use this line as a boost, but I’ll be running one of mine with their full line soon.

This is my first full run with the EON series. I am completely satisfied with it.


Here we go again!!! Switched from Suite Leaf nutrients to Cultured Biologix because Suite Leaf forgot about the small grower and went commercial. Now, Cultured Biologix is way passed due date on remodel and I cant get their nutrients. Nowhere in the country has any in stock. I guess I am on the search for another line of nutrients!!! :rage: :rage: :rage: