Cultivate Podcast with Ben Falik ofBoveda Pre Rolls

Video on youtube "cultivate podcast With Ben Falik of Boveda.

Boveda Cannabis
Published on Jan 26, 2018
Today’s premium pre-rolls are nothing like the joints of yesteryear or those jarred freebies from dispensaries.

Hear why cannabis enthusiasts love the convenience and portability of these single-sized rolls. And why herbal patients trust the consistent, dosed experience found in the high quality strains of Buena Vista Premium Rolls. Buena Vista pre-rolls come sealed in a mini humidor bag with Boveda, 2-way humidity control to retain exceptional potency, flavor and aroma.

What’s the future of pre-rolls? Find out from Ben Falik, Director of Brand and Marketing for Buena Vista Premium Rolls. Buena Vista was dubbed the Best New Pre-Roll in 2018 by San Francisco Chronicle’s GreenState editors and writers.

Watch Cultivate’s pre-roll edition to learn:

• Who will answer your dry weed questions when you call Boveda (3:03)
• How many Boveda 320 gram do you need to keep 11 pounds of flower fresh (3:45)
• What sets Buena Vista apart from other pre-rolls (5:04)
• Why pre-rolls have a negative rep (7:00)
• Why Buena Vista uses Boveda to keep cannabis fresh (8:33)
• What it means if you smell weed in your car on the way back from the dispensary (9:45)
• What’s the future of pre-rolls (13:35)
• If you can smell Durban Poison though your screen (17:09)
• What’s new for Buena Vista (19:29)
• How Buena Vista helps veterans through Operation EVAC (24:30)
• What is Mercy Wellness of Cotati (27:49)
• How to support the legalization of cannabis (28:54)
• If Boveda can save moldy flower (29:39)

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That was a cool interview. I’m gonna have to see if I can pick up a pack of pre rolls from them when I go to California next month!


That cat Scott :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::hugs:
I’m sold!

Great vid btw! Thanks for sharing

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