Cubensis Adventures

Thanks, good to know. I’ll just let it ride and see what happens. I can’t get the insides anyway without flooding the thing

Theirs two types of mycellium the stringy one m rhizomorphic and tomentose

yours looks like ryzo @Eagles009 this is a valuable book best one I’ve found so far

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So one of my bags is starting I gave it a shake up tonight and like two of the three jars the first two I did so maybe the others are late bloomers also fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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Oh wow, thanks!


8 popcorn half-quart jars just starting to show growth.

4 agar dishes.

3 liquid cultures that I’ve maintained for at least a month. They have plenty of mycellium in them.

3 additional liquid cultures that I just started on Sunday. They are starting to show growth.

2 rye berry bags inoculated a couple weeks ago with liquid culture. Growth is slow but making progress.

I threw out the tub as it failed to make progress for several weeks. It didn’t get (obviously) contaminated, as the tub maintained that sweet mushroom smell. It just wouldn’t grow out.


Popcorns starting to grow some and one of the bags is too I’m happy just late bloomers can’t wait til my millet and rye come in I git to get a tub going soon hopefully my agar dish I did I don’t if that’s gonna make it or not don’t really like these plates I got but we’ll just have to see


All cakes in action now.

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How do you have your cakes setup in a small flower pot with the perlite and that’s it?? Do you cover it or no need. Soon ladies and gents soon ill b growing some out I give these jars another two eels maybe and hope b ready. One thing I forgot is to label so don’t know which is gonna be pen! envy and what’s Jedi mind f&k guess we’ll tell when they grow and the one that looks like a little pen!$

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I have an inch or two of water that the perlite is sitting in…theoretically wicking it up raising humidity. They are covered. Ziplocks, bread bags, other clear crap I had around lol. I take the bags off twice a day and mist. That’s it. I was fanning I gave up on that a couple weeks ago.


Nice. When I ran my fist two in a cake I set it up in my seedling dome sitting on the wet perlite and piled in a humidifier but mine weren’t looking like yours good job. Least I know some of my things are making it through checked this morning and getting a lot better colonization going can’t wait. Ordered some bags and a sealer too got my rye berry in yesterday gonna try that next


Nice! Wishing you some success on these.

Oh yeah originally I had the airstone and pump setup going on. That was also removed weeks ago.

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Sweet, fluffy mycellium.


These ones are a thing of beauty!


Soaking some rye berry cause my bags and new sealer should b here tomorrow so we’ll cook these up tomorrow and get bagged up for innoculating on Wednesday

and one bag I had to toss one bag looking good and all four popcorn jars starting to take off I’m happy

I picked up a very nice All American pressure cooker today.

My old one held 7 quarts and it was a Montgomery Wards pc. I paid $100 and had to purchase a gasket. I broke the handles on it but that is an easy fix. If you were close I’d let it go pretty cheap. I’m gonna keep the AA