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I have one of those tents. I think another problem is that my digital temp/hygrometer is not correct.

Just waiting on my wife to get home with the rest of the supplies I need making canna butter and doing my bag tonight butter on the stove just need the cheesecloth and paper towels soon as she’s home taking a shower and spraying this room down with disinfectant

I’m ready to go

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Grain bag has been injected 6 ccs of Hawaiian pes super charged spores let’s hope it takes I was sterile as hell spraying that disenfectant house smells good now

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Sterilizing 8 half-quart jars with popcorn.

I have a question for @gingersnaprs75, please. Can I inoculate a liquid culture with a grain (or 2 or 3) from my current spawn? My grain bag will be ready tomorrow and I thought about pulling out a few grains for a new spawn when I transfer the grain to bulk.

So I checked out a video by Willy mycos on building a dehumidifier I think I’m gonna make one this silica doesn’t last long and I don’t want to keep buying it

I never really had any issues with it sticking/clumping up unless I simmered for too long and had way too many busted kernels. But, it never hurts to be safe.

You only soaked the millet and did not PC it?
I hope that I miss understood you on that.
You are just throwing money and effort out the door.
All of your tools ie spoons/shot glasses, scalpels, anything that will fit into your PC needs to pc’d @ 15 psi for 1 hour minimum!
Just don’t put lighters or anything like a can of lysol into your PC=that would not go over well.
But, I hope that I miss understood you on that saying that you just soaked your millet and did not PC it. There is your problem.
You have to soak it for 20-45 minutes then simmer it for about 20-30 minutes or until you can 5% exploded kernels then rinse immediately with cold tap water and let drain for 45 minutes. Then jar it up and throw into PC for one hour @ 15 psi.
All grains have to go through this process. If you cut corners here you might as well as stop, because it is futile. You will get contams=I promise you that.
Now, you don’t PC your BULK SUBSTRATE=this you only need to “pasteurize”. This is your straw/poo/coir or any combo of those, these get heated to around 160 deg f.-once you start please Make sure that you do not go below 150 deg f not above 180 deg f. The actual temps are 145 to 185 deg f but I always played it safe. You do this with your substrate because it kills off all of the “bad” things but allows the good things to remain especially if using poo. “Firefang” is so beneficial to your poo/straw/coir that you do not want to kill it off.
I never really did grain “bags” unless I was using oyster mushrooms because their mycelium grows really fast. With psilocybin/psilocin containing mushrooms, you should stick with glass jars. Less can go wrong and they are cheaper to use.
But, if I read your reply correctly stating that you only soaked the millet=your already dead going in to that grow attempt.
Look up this on the shroomery= “Doc’s Wild Bird Seed Tech” or do a search of prior posts by “doc34”. That was tech was written to apply to all grains, the only thing you need to adjust are your soak and simmer times. Smaller grain =less time soaking/simmering as to larger grains that need to soak/simmer longer due to size and thickness of kernel hull.

If you do that and you sterilized all of your equipment/tools and you have a glovebox and a bottle of lysol and you still get contamination I would just stop and not attempt to grow any fungi until you get your “clean room” up and running. Do not cut any corners like that. Because you might as well just take a dump onto those bags. I’m don’t want to come across as being mean or anything, but, if you are only soaking ANY grain and not pc’ing them. Your throwing $ out the door.
You can get by with only “pasteurizing” brown rice flour cakes because they have no grains in them-even then I would PC them, but in their case by pasteurizing them you are giving the mycelium a jump start of 14 days to colonize them because nothing but mycelium will grow on them for 14 days. PC’ing them kills this 14 day window and you have to extra careful. That is why you only pasteurize your BULK substrate-you are giving your substrate that 14 day window where nothing but mycelium will grow on it. And in that time the mycelium should be almost colonizing the whole substrate.
You might want to go back on the shroomery and read up on doing grain spawn and BULK substrates.
Don’t take me wrong, but I think we just found your problem as stated in your comment.

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To clarify: I soaked my millet for 24 hours to hydrate it and then PC it to sterilize for 90 minutes.

Lol see I had already fell off of the bed and hit my head lmao

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Ok, do this.
Soak for 24 hours
Simmer for 20-30 minutes or until you 5% exploded grain
Rinse immediately with cold tap water to stop the cooking process.
Drain for 30-45 minutes
PC for ONLY 60 MINUTES @ 15 psi(yes you can over do it)
Let cool for 24 hours
When you see a golf ball size of mycelium shake jar rigorously to distribute the mycelium throughout the jar.
When you see half of the grains covered do your final shake.
You should be golden!

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Perfect! Thanks.

Is it possible to inoculate a liquid culture with a few grains from a grain bag? Any experience here?

You could but I would not put the whole grain in it. Try making your liquid culture with a small marble or piece of broken glass inside the culture to help break it up.
Then I would take a sterile syringe and fill it with your un-inoculated culture. I would then take that syringe and squirt it into a shot glass, place a small chunk of your colonized grain into this and using the plunger end of your syringe, mush up this mix very gently, then suck it back up into your syringe and then squirt that into your liquid culture mix.
Putting whole grains into a fresh liquid culture is again pushing the envelope. Grains can always harbor contaminate inside their kernels.
You hold a colonized jar back for 2 weeks to make sure that your mycelia has colonized the grains completely then use those. You only need one single grain.
I would just scrape some mycelia off of the inside of a fully colonized jar and use only the mycelium to do this. This way you don’t have a kernel floating around with a possible contaminate inside of it.
Once you see a golf ball size glob of snot shake that jar and that marble/broken glass will shred it up easier. It only takes one drop of that per qt jar.

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Get a fish aquarium air pump and a small stone, some poly fill, a glass of sterile water.

Take your sterile glass and add your sterile water to it then put in your stone all the way to the bottom of the glass. Place a fist full of poly fill into the top portion of the glass with the water barely on top.
Turn on the pump!
Wah-lah your humidifier!

Really appreciate you sharing your experience, @gingersnaprs75. Thanks for your help!

The days work:

8 half-quart jars with popcorn sterilized

6 agar dishes sterilized

I’m eager to find a way to propagate perpetual spore print and micellum syringes as I grow so that I can get out of the expensive business of buying spore syringes. I have 4 more spore syringes on the way and that will hopefully be the last that I buy.

Picked up a case of jelly / jam jars yesterday. Filled them with a few ounces of water each and have them sterilizing in the PC now. My grain bag will be ready soon for transfer to bulk. What I intend to do with the little jars is to drop a teaspoon of colonized grains into each jar and then agitate the jar to create micellum water that can then be used to inoculate bags, agar, or liquid cultures.

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A DIY flow hood that is by far the best I have seen so far.

Flow hoods can cost thousands of dollars. The method here allows one to DIY an excellent performing flow hood that costs a fraction of that and can be built for a few hundered $.

I’m using a still air box, but if I were going to go with a laminar flow hood, then this is the way I would go.


I threw away the 2 liquid culture jars this morning. :frowning:

The cultures had some nice, white fluffy micellum until this morning when the water didn’t discolor from contamination, but the micellum darkened. I suspect that it wasn’t actually contamination given that the water was still crystal clear. Here’s what I suspect. I am using metal lids with a drilled hole covered with micropore tape. There was some rust where I had drilled the holes and I expect it dropped, was attracted to the micellum, and discolored it. I’ve ordered plastic lids from Amazon and will have a go at it again.

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Tubs starting to pin beautifuly I can’t wait for some pickers I have about 3 gms saved up and dried need about 3 more for a good one and got my wife to agree to try it to what you think for a first timer who only drinks nothing else ever. Give her a gm or 1.5 want her to experience it but not overdo it. Either. Humidity I got at a steady 93 to 91 and temp I have the heat mat set to 73

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