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Where can I order quality spores?


I used mushrooms dot com and had great luck. My first go with them but they seem legit.


I second mushrooms dot com. Their syringes are packed with spores and I’ve never gotten a contaminated syringe from them.


Hey this may be an older post I grew some p.e. reverts not long ago and my problem wasn’t that they wasn’t beautiful and fruited plentiful. They was not very potent. Got my microscopic spore syringe from a very well known bank. But 1st run G.T. was pretty awesome. 2nd run ahh.
Then reverts was nothing. Big beautiful fruitful but psychedelia that awesome lost land was watered down and hard to find

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Plus I got a mini laminar flow hood and a 3 time used nice big pressure cooker. I have a slightly used cool grows 3x3 tent I am in no need of any longer I need other things for my guerrilla garden room. I guess this o.k. to bring up in these rooms if not sorry will not mention again. But if so dual cultivators hmu too and let’s help each other grow better by necessary needs barter. I know I’m budgeted and got stuff I no longer use

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Where did you get your spores

Can’t go wrong with them. I mailed out my second order from them a week ago and I’m still waiting on my confirmation that my order was processed. Although they do say on the site that orders are running around 4 days behind right now due to the Corona crap

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Mailed out? Like you mailed in an order?

Yeah like I did the first time with them and I had no problem at all actually my package came early according to the tracking app that came with the cheapest shipping cost. I think it was $8

I’m pretty sure it’s still $8 shipping and it was quick. I would use them again.

It’s getting cold here and I didn’t opt for the heater I thought it wouldn’t make a difference but now I’m kicking my self in the ass over it. Crossing my fingers that all is good with my order. Didn’t take into consideration the holiday delay on the shipping. That won’t happen again!!

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I dont know how cold it is where you are but I got spores w/out a heat pack when it was 22f here and had no problem. I did get them out of the mailbox shortly after they arrived though.


Well that’s good to hear I still haven’t got a confirmation yet from them so I guess I’m going to email them today and see what’s happening with them. I don’t want 6 syringes going to crap

Was that a recent order?

no last January

I guess I’ll just see what happens with my order then fingers crossed hopefully they get here in tact just sucks placing my order around black Friday.