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@MidwestGuy the question was more or less can you put too much inoculated grains into a 5lb of substrate and cause weaker flushes if they battle for nutrients? My dilemma is I have 5 one quart jars that are each inoculated with 2ccs each from a spore syringe and I was trying to figure out if there was a way to have too much spawn to substrate and cause weak flushes with little to no shroom production. Sorry for the confusion and hopefully this clarifies my question. If they all turn out fully inoculated without contamination I would like the put all 5 one quart jars into 5lb or substrate as I don’t have another box ready or any more room to start more than 1 box at a time. Right now I have all 5 jars halfway inoculated but I just want to figure out my game plan as im expecting it to be ready in the next 2 weeks or so

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Nutrients aren’t generally an issue. Water becomes an issue more quickly than nutrients.

There are plenty of nutrients. Sufficient nutrients are there for several flushes, so I can’t imagine. The only thing that more spawn will cause is faster colonization.

That said, the spawn to bulk ratio should be approximately 1:2 (two parts bulk per each 1 part spawn.)


When inserting the needle to inject the spores in the bag I should wipe down the outside of the spore bag
With alcohol? @MidwestGuy
I haven’t started my shrooms yet, I was going to and then life happened. Forgive me if you mentioned this once before.

I always do. I wipe iso alcohol on darn near everything (bags, syringes, table, hands,…) when dealing with spawns.


Okay thanks. I appreciate that. The box stares at me every time I switch laundry…. :joy:


Life does happen but we somehow seem to find a way around it all for the better yeah!!!

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I use two quart jars of spawn to my bags one on the bottom layer and one in the middle kind of. Never ran into a problem. And nutrition does matter for potentcy. Like going to a horse manure will give you a better end product rather than using a CVG mix being coir vermiculite and gypsum. Horse is even better than cow cows have two stomaches so the food is processed more rather than a horse in one end out the other

If your not using a still air box use the oven method since I switched to the oven no contamination issues yet. And I have found LC definitely colonizes grain a lot faster than just spores

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I used the over method prior to putting together a still air box.

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I put my air purifier in the kitchen and do everything in the oven no issues. And remember mushrooms are like the flowering part of a plant our cannabis is only as good as what we feed it. The same with mushrooms yes they’ll grow on anything obviously but more nutrition they have the better they will be.

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@shady424 so from what im understanding i shouldn’t use more than 3 of my 1 quart jars to 5lb of substrate? Is there any way to save the jars for future use that don’t go into the substrate like just throw them in the fridge to slow the growth or would that cause contamination? This is all if the 5 i have make it that far. I have 1 jar now about fully colonized and the others are catching up. Just wanted to play it safe and do more than needed to plan for a failure rate

I know you can store fully colonized grain spawn in a cool dark place. I don’t know if the refrigerator is too cold. It works for lc and doesn’t hurt the mycelium

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Yeah I think that’s definitely the case I’ve had jars from the 4th of July still living healthy, cool, dark place seems to be all good for right now. The PE strain takes forever to do anything and it’s absolutely on it’s own terms. Fun when you get blobs though.

Where do you buy your lions mane?

Wish I started with agar months ago. Super simple to work with, it’s cheap, and you’ll know pretty quick if there’s any contamination. Love the stuff. Next up will be the diy flow hood

:mushroom: :eyes:

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hi guys. really late to the party here but want to give growing some magic mushys a go but want to start of with all ur knowledge so i have the best start possible. without getting super carried away on set ups, what do i need, im based in New Zealand so alot of ur products wont be available to me but im sure i can find substitutes, whats the best shroom to start with ? ill buy the spores from mushrooms dot com. thanks in advance and look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Have any of you tried Magic Truffles yet? I believe the Netherlands banned shrooms in 2008. I had tried then during my first trip to Amsterdam. Me and my best friend talked to a guy that only ate Shrooms. I called him the Shroom King. It was an interesting experience going through the Van Gogh Art Museum on shrooms.

He told us what to do and what not to do.

Now fast forward you have Magic Truffles. It was more auditory experience which was cool. I tried to write 250 words or so while tripping on the Truffles. It took nearly 6 hours to write those words. Of course it makes no sense whatsoever.

They grow them in bags and its over 1000 times safer than being in an Operating Room.
They was very bitter and looked like ground up walnuts glued together. I ate the highest dose of 15 grams. Downside is you can only ingest every 10 days or so.

I’m thinking about jumping onboard. I can put my Biochemistry knowledge to work again.

Going to re-read this topic multiple times.

Welcome to the party. You will find the hobby both rewarding and challenging.


This may be a question of like I Dk anything about Mushrooms but I had a syrine full of sropes of magic mushrooms and I have a basement and a am growing my plants in a tent and I have Mushroom compost soil and Fox farm soil mixed and hay ,right amount of darkness and sunlight not in tent I just expose them for a bit when I am checking the tent. I keep them covered lightly in a shelf in a plastic drawer, I really don’t believe them will grow but I figured nothing to lose.