Cubensis Adventures

I have never been so thoroughly entertained by the organic/mechanic amusement park beauty of the patio cement when I had my trip. I can’t wait for my husband to have a fun trip and see if he sees the same thing. That would be wild!

@shady424 my dream would be to live somewhere near Hoh rain forest. Anywhere that is green. Your natural environment looks nice! We are so dry we only get the occasional lawn mushroom.

Edited: you know you are New Mexican when a dandelion and some mushrooms excite you and think “eeeeee…rain!” We sort of go”eeeeeee” when things excite us.


Well I was able to inoculate 2. 32oz glass jars and 2 smaller jars because I had extra popcorn that wasn’t going to waste. I did this yesterday morning.

I thought the process went well… Beings it was my first time. I feel like I properly sanitized my surroundings and materials. Time will tell.
I want to thank YOU ALL very much for the love, support and stories we share here! :heavy_check_mark:


Oh I hope it goes as well as mine did! I opened the brooder this morning to make sure the contaminated grain bag that sat in it for 30 seconds didn’t spread something to see that my Thai Lipa Yai popcorn jars are nearly full and the Brazilian ones are not far behind. I am thinking I may be setting some to fruit by Friday. It has been, what?, six months of failure? And the popcorn has been the first thing to really work well. So I am hoping you are just as successful. First time I tried the grain spawn bags were contaminated. Some right away. And then finally after weeks of trying they all failed. The BRF started on 12/28, I think, and stalled. I have three jars still slowly marching a thick white blanket over the older stalled stuff, so as long as they look good I will let them go. But I am thinking BRF is just not a good medium. I am wondering, did I pack them too tight and that is why they slowed down? Who knows? Then the grain bags I got last week were already contaminated. Now I need to go through the pain of letting them know and get a refund. But, yeah, I am thinking from here on, it is popcorn for me.

Oh my gosh, we have been working so hard in the garden this weekend. And the greenhouse is not yet here. We are so sore. But it has been wonderful. I have been listening to a lot of Barbara Sher lectures and am seeing that at 56, well in a couple of weeks, I am FINALLY figuring out my passion and that is gardening, growing cannabis, and the mushroom thing (would you call it growing? Fruiting? Yoda-ing with great patience? Lol)



I went from early October to mid-February with a string of failed spawns. Started seeing success again when I abandoned using BRF jars and Midwest Grow Kits products.

Agree popcorn is great. I’ve tried BRF, rye, multi-grain, and millet and it seems like popcorn is a really good way to go.

Your popcorn jar there looks pretty good. Yay!


Thanks! And you know, I am actually proud that even though this is hard I am keeping at it. I think this is what makes is so worthwhile. It sure makes growing cannabis look like child’s play. :laughing:

Edited: if there is a better beginner strains than Thai Lipa Yai let me know, because this strain has taken about everything thrown at it and still persevered. And in the right conditions it is fast and hardy.


I gifted a popcorn jar of koi’s to a friend of mine I have way too much going and would not have been able to grow it all out. This weekend was a very rough weekend for me but also it was the start of a lot of healing for me and my wife some traumas that she endured finally came out into the light and now just trying to process them it is difficult but with time like anything I know it will heal


You and your wife seem to be on the same trajectory we are. I feel we are in a battle for our souls and mental health. We both came from a background of child abuse and now he is opening up I see how similar we are to each other. I think had we been with anyone else, who had not experienced the hell we did, our marriage wouldn’t be hitting 37 yrs in June. For the longest we clung to each other like survivors in a life raft but now are learning to finally enjoy what we both worked so hard from coming absolute nothing. I just wish we had this healing a lot longer ago. It has been intense but it is oh so worth it.

I told my husband this story: we are both cuckoo birds. Only his cuckoo parent’s dropped him off in a vireo’s nest. And the vireos raised the cuckoo chick, and it changed and was exotic and different and didn’t sing the way the vireo sang, so the vireo parents, now so much smaller thought, if we are really really quiet and ignore it, maybe it will fly away.

But my cuckoo parent’s thought that they could raise a cuckoo chick and had no clue what they were doing. They just couldn’t get it right because, after all, they were cuckoos and cuckoos can’t raise a chick by themselves.

And since we are both cuckoos we sent our chick off to NMMI and USMC and let them finish him, because we knew better than to try and raise a cuckoo chick.

Moral of the story: when you want to really get down and dirty and trash the people who raised you, think first, are they a vireo or a cuckoo? And maybe, just maybe, they did the best they could with what they had at the time.

It keeps me from just going crazy to think it was all deliberate and even if it was, I can only live a good life by forgiving them and moving on.


I’m thanks @KikiGee i only took it down now cause I don’t want that staying up their. I just needed to get it out and it feels better now today will b a better day.


Found out the GTs didn’t like 5th flush ended up getting contamination. One spawn bag had to throw out didn’t have any spores in it all the spores went into the other spawn bag that’s 50 percent mycelium growth and healthy. I think I’m going to change things up either go agar or grain jars. Thing is with grain jars after it colonizers do I just get boomer bags an put a layer on bottom of tub? Also is lions mane psilocybin or just gourmet regular mushrooms?

Today will be a better day despite the trials and tribulations we face. Pass on the positive and tell someone anyone that their special. We need to b nicer to our fellow neighbors and more open and communicate with the ones we love :heart:


Just a regular edible. No psilocybin or psilocin content in lion’s mane.

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We all need to see and practice this on a daily basis.


I do love the way lions mane looks to me one of the more beautiful specimens it is great for memory and nerve repair

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Amen to that Shady!

Our son warned this would happen when the lord and master of his universe took a mushroom and it did. What did my son warn me of? “Mom, if dad takes a trip he may not ever want to go back to work again.” Me: pssshhhh…the man is a workaholic. Our son is right…

…I think all the karma of giving away cannabis and anything else anyone ever needed from us, free, and no strings attached, must be coming back because in January his job changed to allow him freedom and rest and work from home. Five more years baby, I keep telling him, three at the outside most and you can retire. He does want to make 65 before retiring because he wants to make sure he gets the total retirement. We have faith in our cannabis production business we are building.

And Lord and Master of His Universe? He is 180 different. He got up the other morning, took the special key and unlocked the damned collar he has had locked on me for several year and took it off. He is said he is done with the patriarchal heirarchy. Wow! I feel like a ton of weight was taken off my neck. How can one mushroom trip change a person so much? I think he was ready to lay it all down and accept himself and his empathic self. And ever since the trip he has regained the ability to see auras a lot clearer on people now.

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Too late to edit, came across this and thought this was interesting. It should come as no surprise that our world is in the mess it is in when people are so desperate to win they would steal someone else’s goat.

The saying, “get your goat”, comes from the calming effect they have on skittish race horses. Competitors would steal a rivals goat to upset them and get an advantage.

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Question… How do I know my grain is at the correct moisture level?

I couldn’t help myself but to sanitize myself as best I could after a shower and peek inside the tent where my popcorn jars are.

I sprayed 70%iso everywhere. Hands and feet… jars before and after handling (which was minimal)
My gut tells me the popcorn is too dry for mycelium to grow… but who am I to know…

I can tell you how I prepared my white popcorn kernels.
Brought large pot of water to boil, added my popcorn and reduced heat to a simmer… if that… just VERY HOT WATER for 45… 50 minutes.
Drained into colander and rinsed with cool water.
At this time I left colander with the kernels to drip dry for nearly 10 minutes as I prepared the PC and jars.

Dusted the BOTTOM of the jar with 1/2 to 3/4 tablespoon of garden vermiculite then filled the jars with the popcorn. THEN I topped the jars with the foil wrap and placed them into the PC for a solid 2 hours@ 15psi!

At that point let cool down and got the sterile jars to the tent where I’d inoculate them with new spore syringe! As sterile as I could.

Now a couple days later, (today my first peek!) I quickly examined the jars and tent temperature 71° f . Just got a gut feeling that the popcorn is not as moist as it should. Although I hope I am wrong! :heavy_check_mark: I feel like I did it all right


I guess I didn’t worry about it too much after I sterilized them. I soaked my kernels overnight and then simmered on very low temp for a good couple of hours until the kernels squished between my fingers when I did a squeeze test. By some miracle none of them are contaminated. All my Thai Lipa ones are totally filled with mycelium and now I give them another 5 days then put them to fruit. The Burma is nearly as fast as Thai Lipa and right on it’s heels, the Corumba is doing well but I’d say only about 20-25% colonized. I finally tossed my remaining three BRF jars that started on 12/28 and stalled and restarted, they are simply not ever going to get anywhere.

Oh, and I forgot and only put vermiculite on the bottom of one jar instead of all of them, and they all are doing well. I have the brooder set at 77 deg. I guess as long as I was not seeing contamination and in 5-10 days seeing some mycelium they are fine. But I am an extreme rank beginner at this with about six months of failure before finally seeing some real success. I hope yours works out!

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This will help. IUt will absorb some excess water.

I pressure cook my popcorn for 60 minutes before jarring it.

I also do a 24 hr soak before I cook off that lets any bad bacteria grow out before boiling it off then simmer for about an hr you want the kernels to b able to pop in your fingertips that’s how you know it’s done no straight time it’s going to vary from person to person depending on a lot of different things as long as you can pop them easily in your fingers their done

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