Csfutbol Indoor Grow part 2

Hello everyone, csfutbol back again.

Hope you were all able to learn with me in last grow journal! I learned a ton!

This is part 2. Last batch was a bunch of bag seeds that I found and then 1 master kush seeds. Great yield. Not too many problems that couldn’t be answered by the gurus on this forum.

Yesterday I managed to get my hands on some clones and some nice seeds.

Clone 1= baby yoda. (BY) Super super excited about this one.
Clone 2= Great Cream Cake (GCC)
Seedling #1 = Purple Hippy

X3 Purple Hippy
X3 Block Monster
X4 Mad Eye Stomper
X15 bird seeds (aka random photoperiod seeds, male or female) = Ice cream cake BX1

Will come in with pictures in next post.
All I have currently going are the 2 clones and the 1 seedling.

Currently have t8 lights on 18/6 as of now, but again it’s barely been 24 hours. About 6-7 inches away from top.

Light misting to solo cups soil. Just enough till they’re heavier to lift. Water bottle dome over seedling.

Humidity looking like 55-60%, temps are about 65-72*

Moving out in 12 days to my new house, so planning on keeping them as small as possible till then. Currently am growing in basement.

Looking forward to learning and growing more! Day 1. :grin::grin:


Nice lineup, good luck with them!



These are the feminized seeds I’m working with. Much better quality then last grow journal.

Processing: 87A8CE0E-6305-4FBD-AD6B-7B569806B270.jpeg…
Uploading: BFE9568B-9A52-4374-935B-B100AB229089.jpeg…
Uploading: 5AAD8DA1-4772-49CB-9ECB-BCB9E09D9233.jpeg…
Uploading: C10C04B2-0906-4D67-82FC-C2E52A79D589.jpeg…
Uploading: DFF981AD-7139-4CCB-B6D8-329346843417.jpeg…

Equipment currently being used until move in day.

Purple hippy seedling. Nice and happy

Processing: E992CB13-F322-4785-B59C-43F88B6A0F0C.jpeg…
Uploading: 5D8F2745-1CA3-4B99-8336-932A8129896C.jpeg…
Uploading: 56E533C2-AD05-4907-9200-8B3F36E21B5A.jpeg…
Uploading: 55452A13-CF80-4531-B47C-E79D48C7024E.jpeg…
Uploading: 92DE1F43-8267-45F9-8233-D92A9BC77855.jpeg…

Taller one is GCC and smaller one is my BABY YODA

Just a quick little walkthrough.

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Not sure why it’s not posting the pics and all this mumbo jumbo instead. I’ll try again later tonight from computer.

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Quick update on girls,
Still trying to keep them as small as possible till move in date; another 4 days. Any advice ?

Still running 18/6. Or as close as possible.

Thanks everyone. Feel free to tag any experts you know of on site.

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Starting to feed a bit of cal mag to distilled water.
About a gallon between the 3 of them so far. Watering until pot feels heavy.
Usually good for about 2-4 days. They’re looking nice and healthy.

Transplanted them into 3 gallon and 1 gallon fabric pots, used white shark Myko into transplant hole to help roots.

Used happy frog/vermiculite/pearlite/blood meal/ and mixed with coco loco bushdoctor.

Last grow was pretty hot nutrient wise; so hoping to control a little better this time.
Gonna prob give tomorrow grow big tomorrow; mixed with cal mag.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

First 2 pics are the GCC

Then the baby purple hippie

Last 3 are the Baby Yoda

Just moved into new house. Prob gonna make these mother plants and take clippings soon. So they can be small like purple hippie.

Thanks again everyone!


@Nicky @fast-grow @dbrn32 @DB_Cooper
@Pinboy @BobbyDigital @MeEasy @Hellraiser @KPC

Just a few names I found that were being helpful. Much appreciated


Currently still on my T8s gonna switch to HLG 650r soon. Have it in storage still

Any advice ? @OGIncognito @Docnraq @DoneDeal @Spiney_norman @Covertgrower @ShockDog

Much thanks. Second grow; last grow ended up pretty good. Did a little journal actually. Would love any help you guys can help with! Thanks again!


Ill help if I can, whats the question?

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Congrats on your first harvest! Its pretty awesome to smoke your own right?!

Much appreciated @Docnraq,
We’ll looking to make these into mother plants actually. Already have clonex and mykos. Guess like any tips you have for this stage in my grow. This is my second grow. Last turned out okay.

Much appreciated! Yes it was great while it lasted haha. But now time to replenish haha


Just so we’re clear, pics above were already in flower and were part of my first grow.

I need help with the current grow. First few pics, not last ones I posted.
Thanks again!

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Looking nice and healthy, I would suggest getting them under the new light and watering or feeding to run off to prevent root zone issues :love_you_gesture:

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Set to watch…Hope it all goes well.

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