Crystals on my plants


Question from a fellow grower:

My question is this. Outside plants, small, nice crop. (Small as possible as live next to a cop). Looked and smelled wonderful. Did well this year. Stuff is good. It is only for me.
But no matter what I do to cure/dry it …I loose the smell and taste. Have tried hanging, laying out on screens. I am, as I said just a reg person. I don’t have a bunch of fancy stuff.
But I did do better this year than in the past. Both amount and taste wise. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately I found your sight too late in the season to be really helpful for my crop.
But I do have 2 little ones, and I mean very little, almost ready to go and they are so covered in crystals I don’t want to touch them!
What am I doing wrong?
Is it because it’s a small amount and is drying to quickly?
What can I do?


You lost me…Please ask just the question you want to ask?

One thing I did get and want to question is: How long are you curing? Drying generally takes 2-4 weeks. How long did you cure the plants after that?