Crystal Seeds? Opinions?


So who has grown these Crystal plants? They look amazing, all the reviews say one puff and done LOL.
I’m curious if these are good plans for a true beginner? Also do they live up to all the hype? Just looking for opinions… let me know!


I grew six of them for my first ever grow.

And when I say first ever grow, it was a list of firsts. First time growing marijuana. First time doing hydro. First time growing anything from seeds. Like literally total newcomer.

I harvested all my plants (6 total in a 4x4 tent under a 1200w cheap LED) about three weeks ago (I still have one hanging - jarring tonight).

I yielded 94 grams. But I cut up two plants for bubble hash. So 94 grams on 3 plants so far. And I don’t have a clue what I am doing. They were super pliant. I $!#@ed up all kinds of things and they trucked along. First time I smoked it I packed a standard bowl and I was blotto. Like literally had to sit down and laugh for a bit.

I decarbed my trimmings and the two plants I cut up and made a pound of butter with 3.5oz of decarbed material. I used that pound of butter to make a 9x13 tray of oatmeal chocolate chip bars. I ate a 1” square of those bars and I was SUPER high for 9 hours.

Easily the most potent strain I have had in my limited experience.


I thought this strain was supposed to be relatively high yeilding? Do you think it was the issues that you had that caused you to only get a little over an ounce per plant, the light, or do you think thats average?
Please dont take my question the wrong way, Im not implying that you did anything wrong, or trying to be rude at all.
I had intended on growing 2 plants in a 4x4 with a 600w HID and had hoped to yield at least a couple ounces per plant. Am I overestimating what I can get from my plants?


Yeah it was just cuz I am a rookie. Light issues were the #1 culprit. I had a single 1500w low budget LED trying to cover the whole grow. I ended up buying a second one about 4 weeks into flower, but by then I think it was too late, and even with both lights I kept them too high.


FYI the last plant I jarred tonight came in at 51g.


You can pull over a pound outside no problem if your planing on indoor say 5 gallon I’m getting 4-6 ounces per plant


Yields are based on m3 so 9sqft space a well managed trouble free grow as a first time grower you can expect less than quote as many things will be learning curve.


51g from that last plant alone? NICE! Thats more along the lines of what I was expecting!
Im gonna have the good 600w HID lights for the 4x4 area, so Im hoping! if I can be as successful with 2 plants as your last plant, I would be happy!
If I could eventually be getting yields like @Hogmaster I would be ecstatic! I dont expect those numbers for a while as Im a complete noob :confused::grin:
I wish I could do an outdoor grow, but with fall here its out of season for me, and even if it wasnt I have zero privacy. Im in close quarters with neighbors and even tho I have a 6 ft fence anyone in the upstairs of those houses has a clear view into my yard. I wish I lived somewhere I could do an outdoor crop - maybe at our next house!


What are the main factors that allow you to yield a pound without problem from outdoor compared to a 1/4 pound from indoor?
Is it just the sunlight compared to artificial?


What is going on my man… :wink:
I think your lighting might be your problem… :wink:
My first bubble bucket run of 6 juicy fruit yielded almost 22 oz’s under a 600 watt hps in a 40" × 60" scrogg… :wink:
Although I’ve been at this for 8 years in soil before switching to hydro… :wink:
l will help you guys as much as I can… :wink:
We need to get this figured out… those were dry weights also… no larf… :wink:

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Yeah I added another light this next grow and I am only going to do 2 plants instead of 6. I am going to see what I can do with one 1500w LED per plant in flower. But eventually I will look into better lights.


I’m growing inside with play days outside and I average 8 oz of bud per on photo period plants.


Lighting is critical! I’m an led grower and I have 1,340 plug watts on 24 Sq feet. Better than 50 watts/foot and they could take more.


I use 40" × 60" tables with a 600 watt hps in a 8" xxxl vented hood over each table… :wink:
Also I only use old school magnetic ballasts… :wink:

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Any reason you only use the magnetic ballasts? I just assumed that the newer digital ones were better, is that not the case? I still havent bought my lights yet, so Im interested!


@dbrn32 is the man to answer the question on what’s better.


2 major differences that I know of. The electronic ballasts can usually run both mh and hps bulbs, and they usually have 50 and 75% dimming capabilities. Something I’m not use to seeing in magnetic ballasts. Unfortunately, the electronic ballasts usually create some sort of rf interference.

The rf interference can be a big deal, especially if you’re growing stealth. Picture a cable guy knocking on your door due to heavy interference measurements coming from your house. May seem like a long shot, but it can and does happen. If nothing else, could cause some unwanted telecom problems for yourself


Exactly why I don’t use digital ballast was explained by @dbrn32… also my bulbs seem to last longer and magnetic ballast are cheaper and I’ve been running them so long without any problems and I have friends that use digital ballast and either burnout Bulbs constantly , are they constantly have problems with the ballast themselves … now this could be due to the fact of brands or one being better than the other , but I like to stick to old school because I know that’s what works and like I said I seem to have less problems with them … also the cost is pretty substantial for a digital vs. Magnetic… also I should add that magnetic ballast throw off more heat so you must be able to keep the environment in check or have your ballast in a separate room than your growing room…
And I believe there’s only two brands of digital ballast that won’t throw off an RF signal that can be picked up outside of your house … unfortunately I can’t remember which brands those are… just try to make sure to do as much research as possible before investing in any lighting system… :wink:

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What would the RF output mess up? Growing is legal here as we are recreationally legal now, so stealth (aside from neighbors and stuff) isnt a big deal for me. Is it gonna mess with my wireless devices and/or cell signals? That WOULD be a problem! I need my technology!
Also, do magnetic ballasts not run both bulbs? I would prefer to have one ballast for both MH/HPS…


Like @dbrn32 said: satellite TV, cell phones, WiFi etc can all be affected by RF interference. Not to mention potential health risks.