Crystal Feminized from Ilgm - Harvest time


This is the beginning of the 8th week from switch to 12/12. My question is: is it ok to stop feeding now and just use ph’ed water or should i feed one more time? This is first real grow with non bag seeds. Most of the trichomes up top are cloudy and bud has put on some serious mass in last week and smell is gettin stronger.

On another note, couldn’t have made it this far without most of the knowledge i’ve gained just from reading other posts on forum here. You truly are good people and very knowledgable and thanks for all your help.


Yes now would be the time to just use ph water if planning to harvest soon. You could spike the stalk to and really get your humidity down as low as possible to you will really see stripper glitter every where like a green powdered bud doughnut


I would wait antother week or 2 she will just pack on more trics


I’m with @Hogmaster: you still have two or three weeks to go. PH’d water only. Leaves should start to turn yellow. This is what you want.


Thanks @ThcinKC, @Hogmaster and @Myfriendis410 very much. yes i was hoping on 2wks at most but in no hurry. leaves are just starting to turn yellow, but mostly still green. Was just wanting to make sure on just watering from now on.