Crystal fem ? who else


Is any one else out there growing crystal. i would like to chat and share ideas


I just harvested 4. Theyre hanging now. Great strain!


This and Skywalk OG I think will be my next purchase.


Just dropped a skywalker yesterday


This is my last little crystal left i hope she grows big and just a bit woried about the hole in the one leaf it could be light burn im got a 225 watt ufo led and only had it about 10 inches above the lant i backed it up to about 18 inches or it could be my ph i was playing with it a bit but using baking soad . but i did a small flush on it saturday


Happy Frog soil is what its in


GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE HAHAHA! My interest in Crystal is partly your fault lol.


sorry its a good strain easy inside to grow


Ive already tried it. Without curing its still smooth. Shes a creeper!


In veg they Love humidity! Dont like dry at all! Other than that very easy to grow. Think i may possibly get a lb outta 4 plants. Im restricted to indoor only. Im in bible belt so ya know where this is going. And my friend you may of nailed feb bom. Seen lots of votes your way! Keeping fingers crossed as youve got georgeous grows!


Man, it was tough between you and @TDubWilly. You have stuff just as nice if not better than mine! But I appreciate it, my friend.


Thanks for all your heip


shes getting there but i think i should be adding some nuts. to help it grow a little better so far all its had is water and happy frog soil.


I grew it on my very first grow. I have one jar left!


This is today. i think its cool that you can see from the pics. how much it has grown every few days


Good morning this is crystal just waking up. getting bigger every day


I think Crystal is looking just fine other than being a bit off set in the pot


I topped it and trimed a bit now i have short little bush. i hoe it starts some vertical growth soon


This is Crystal now.Shes taking off like crazy. im starting to get more vertical growth


A side pic. from this morning too