Crystal Fem from Ilgm growing issue

Hello everyone, i’m not only new here but new to growing also. This is actually my first grow with verified seed genetics from Ilgm. To make a long story kinda short, a few days ago i noticed a leaf had everything sucked out of it and laying on bottom of tent. Growing in ffof soil, with fftrio, and have only been giving them 1/4 dosage using ff soil chart. until i switched to flower, then only increased tiger bloom to 1/2 dosage. Pretty much give full dose of big bloom though.

So i gave it another 1/4 dose of grow big when i seen leave drop and seemed to slow down but a couple other leaves seem to be turning yellow like nitrogen deficiency. And sorry, this is only 30th day of flower and i keep ph at root zone 6.4 to 6.5.

was just wondering if anybody had any ideas because crystal is supposed to flower in 7 to 9 wks right? just don’t want anything to go wrong this close to harvest. even though was trying to keep her like micro grow, didn’t expect them to blow up so much either.

Thanks, all… and some pics…

Also the petioles started turning purple too, bout same time leaf fell and others turning yellow.

And one more thing, this has never happened, no leaves have turned any color till now. were always green and reaching up.

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Don’t sweat it. A single leaf turning yellow and drying up - especially an older fan leaf on the bottom of a plant that’s halfway through flower - is totally normal behavior. Your plant’s look fantastic as far as I’m concerned.

I grew Crystal on my first grow. I think I followed the ILGM flowering period pretty closely, but I ended up getting a microscope so I could analyze trichomes. I highly recommend that you consider doing so. A USB microscope that you can connect to a laptop or phone so you can take pictures of your trichomes is ideal, but you can also get a cheap jeweler’s loupe to inspect the trichomes.

As long as you don’t have something catastrophic happen, like letting your tent get to 110F or something, you should be able to cruise to the end now.

I love this strain - wish I still had some seeds.

thank you very much and glad to hear it. just wanted to make sure. thanks so much for your feedback and yes i do have a little 420 scope.

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I harvested mine with only around 5% amber… some of it was pretty racy. If I grew it again I’d probably go for 20% amber based on my personal preference (sativa fan). The nugs I had that were a little more ripe were knock-you-on-your-hind-end powerful. I saved a jar of those for special occasions. :slight_smile:

that’s what i want, that " knock-you-on-your-hind-end powerful " kinda buzz. thanks Bogleg, will keep u posted…

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If you are interested, @Laurap did a Crystal grow and journaled it:

checking it out now, thanks. hope i have some nugs like hers. nice

Looks pretty good…so far. Keeping % of nutes down is a good idea…meaning, following the mfg schedules is NOT a good idea. Their goal is increased sales. Your strain may not like that schedule. This is where a little less is much better than too much which will burn plants to a crisp. Been there, done that…learned the hard way.
Watch your Ladies, give them what they need. And they will make you proud.
Btw…your Ladies look pretty good. Normal for a few lower leaves to yellow and die.

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thanks @tanlover442 , just started low and didn’t see any signs of needing more so stayed with it.

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The Ladies will show, if you pay attention, what they need. Good growing.

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