Crystal...does it have a strong taste?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I have a question about the plant Crystal. Does it have a strong taste to it or what does it taste like?”


are you talking about the amethysts crystal plant?


I want to buy seeds from this website the seed is called Crystal it says it has very high THC I want to know what the taste of it is it nasty or it’s a good I get lots of anxiety attack and I want to know if this plant will calm me down


A better question is what is the best anxiety reducing strain, if advise a heavy couch lock so a indica 80% to 100%


McLovin hit the nail on the head - As weird as it sounds I do not smoke weed, I just grow it as a side income, so strains and power I have No idea - sorry cant help


When I started looking at seeds I thought the higher tch is the better choice. I found out It depends on if it gives you the desired effect. Some sativa’s are super high in thc but may be suggested as one for creativity not for pain or insomnia. I’ve got two strains now a cogrower grew. One was a couch lock type but the tch was lower than the other that was what I call a morning weed. Hope this helps


That’s the thing, sometimes sativas for me personally make my head go all nuts and anxious, indica is more I’m soo stoned dude… ha… so your brain sort of calms down rather than overthinks (only my exp)


Depending on how it’s grown would depend on the taste. You could have the best tasting cannabis strain out there and if it isn’t grown properly it could taste nasty. A lot of things can effect the taste. I would say you would be alright as long as you ise good grow techniques as far as taste goes.
To answer your question on weather it would be good for anxiety attacks they don’t list this plant for anxiety (not saying it wouldn’t work). The gold leaf strain is listed for anxiety along with Blue Dream, Big Bud, and amnesia haze to name a few. All great strains.


I’ve got Amnesia haze going now. It’s also listed as a cash crop. Go to ILGM seeds & look at what they are good for. The highest thc is not always the best for what ails you


I would go with growing Gold leaf my self. I have one plant of GL growing now and its doing great. And for some reason, I got a phenotype that is more a bushy type of plant than a tall one. Of course, no telling what will happen when it goes to flower. I am a complete newbie as most posting on this thread know. But I am enjoying this grow and participating here. met wonderful folks and learned alot, even in the short time I have been here. I have decided that once I harvest the GL girl, I am going to revamp it and turn it into a mother do clones off it. It is such an unusual girl it seems, hate to loose it just by harvesting it one time only.


@cyberblast a lot of folks are growing the gold leaf and say it’s an awesome strain. I’ll be growing some gold leaf this winter and can’t wait to start them.


For me I think it has strong taste but I don’t usually take it. Maybe others can really tell.



Yea, the concensus on Gold Leaf runs pretty much high that all like it. Cant wait hardly till my girl flowers and I can cut her down. Seems like it takes forever, though its not THAT long. Going to give her a couple more weeks at least of veg and then flower her. Got two Ogkush bout the same age and will put to flower the same time.


Awesome @cyberblast. Keep Me posted curious how well they turn out :+1: