Crystal, Crystal, Crystal have you grown it

Just started a new indoor grow with Crystal. Anyone grown it? Any pointers? First grow was Ak47 & Amnesia Haze. Already have a difference with grow. Total:5 seeds planted, so far 3 are up, 4s not wanting to (14days) so 5 got dropped & put under dome last night. Also my #3 is a dwarf, any reason?

I grew 6 for my first grow - I have harvested 4 of them. I had one that didn’t do really well - it looked healthy enough but I think it just got drowned out fighting for light in my overcrowded tent. I also had one of the six that grew WAY taller (almost twice as tall) as the other ones. Considering I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, they were pretty hardy and resistant to my screw ups. I germinated them and grew them through seedling stage in soil, then transplanted to hydro - hand washing the roots in the process. Then I didn’t really measure PH well for the first two weeks of veg or so, and I didn’t check PPM until halfway into flower. They still held up pretty well. They seemed to easily show signs of nutrient burn when I upped nutes in flower, but, again, recovered well when I backed off the nutrient mix.

I harvested the first three with trichomes at about 20% amber. I am waiting on the last two for more amber to see how much different it will be in terms of effects. In a couple weeks I’ll let you know how that test works out - but I can tell you this stuff is very strong. First time I tried it I didn’t know what hit me.

FWIW, all six of my plants grew and looked essentially the same through veg. It was in flower that I saw differences in the plants, so I think it was a grower issue and not a plant issue.


Thanks for great info. Please tag me so I can follow. I’m growing in soil but strain info what I need

I am growing it for the first time and I have about a month to go Its doing good and is about 6=7 foot tall this is fem plant.I have five going right now we will see how it turns out I will send some pics as soon as i can…

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That would be great! Any suggestions for this strain would be so helpful as i have only found a handful that have grown. Got 4 indoors at 2 weeks old. Been told theyre not fond of heat & looks like lst at least is needed.

Been a while but here the pictures

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OMG, absolutely georgeous!!! Monster bud! My girls will be going into flower in about 10 days. Ill be totally happy to have one bud that big!

close up of top

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Now youre making me drool! When is harvest? Would love to hear what you yielded.

I think they are ready maybe another week i want to flush try to make it taste better ,don’t get me wrong my gf already likes it and she says its some strong stuff, We tested a Top well she did I don’t smoke. I will let you know when its all said and done.Last time was almost 2 pounds…

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Truly appreciate the info and pics. Ive kept in mind your advice on heat. Im in tent with 4 so i cant let them get that big but still hopeful. Already cant wait till harvest, which will be awhile. How long of a flower time?